EX051 with Befaire



This is Brendan Fair, otherwise known as Befaire, from Edmonton, Canada.  

What was your intention for your Excursions mix? How did you go about selecting music?

When selecting for this mix I wanted to give everyone a better idea of my current trajectory. Early influence came from labels like Toy Tonics, Razor-n-Tape, Heist & Dirt Crew, however you wont find any of those songs in this mix. Over the past year I've felt a certain shift in my own tastes and how I digest music. Digging deeper into vinyl culture and broadening my idea of what club or dance music can be. My aim was to present something new and exciting for myself, and the listeners too. Hence the length of this recording. 

What are you working on now?

This year for me is going to be about presenting my project in a more collected, professional manner and also working together with other members of the scene to collaborate on music & events. Spending pretty much all my free time in the studio so far this year, staying up all hours of the night. I've been setting deadlines and sticking to them. The transition form abandoning projects/starting fresh every session to actually fleshing out my ideas has come with its challenges, however i feel I'm learning more with every project added to the collection. At the moment I'm trying my best to get tunes out before festival season. I applied to a couple new ones, one I've played the last couple years - whatever happens with that, at least I feel confident in the manner my art has been presented. 

What's next?

Lately I've been dreaming up collaborations with other DJ's and Artists in regards to throwing our own parties outside of a regular club setting. I'm really excited for these ideas to come to life, i think this is something Edmonton could use more of and i know a lot of people who feel the same. As for my next move? Just keep trekking into new territory. Finish more tracks, play more gigs, keep the hamster wheel turning.



Denice Frohman - Accents [Feels Like Home]
Makcim, Levi Verspeek - Geen Hapje [Raum.. Musik]
Danvers - My Nina [CoOp Presents]
Gabriele Poso - Roots Of Soul (Atjazz Remix) [Compost Records]
Dirk 81 - MFC [Tartelet Records]
Glowing Palms - Asteroidz [Blip Discs]
Moises- Easy Beauty [Beste Freunde]
Tecture - Rebirth [Certain Circles] (*~Befaire Bootleg~*)
Zvukbrova -  Kse Zo [Listen to Reason]
Homewreckers - Chicago Urban Blues [CircusCompany]
Alexander Amir - Transcend [Anthropology Records] 
Stefan Goldmann - Sleepy Hollow [Innervisions]
Day 2 - MCM [Deeptrax Records]
Marc Miroir - Intakt (Diego Krause Remix) [Paso Music]
Lock Eyes - Febbre [Lobster Theremin] 
Treb - Slambin'  *unreleased*
Crocodiles in the Ceiling - Lego Train Crashes [Ecstatic] 
Pearson Sound - Heal Me [Pearson Sound]
Rolando Simmons Volumes - Saughton Mains (Collectors Edition)
Helena Hauff - Gift [Ninja Tune]
Dan Only  - Gut Rot [New Kanada]
O'Flynn - Pluto's Beating Heart [Ninja Tune] 
Pukemaster Gehm - Aha [Solar One Music] 
Ben Sims - The Stalker  [Deeply Rooted] 
Befaire - Damage Control  *unreleased*
Brett Longman - Spy Me [Logistic Records]
Mark Hanning - Late Night TV [Freude-am-Tanzen]
Moniker - Orbiter [CircusCompany]

EX052 with Lotus Queen


I’m Marisha and I go by Lotus Queen. 

I’m from Calgary, Alberta and I was the first woman to start spinning drum n bass here. I have held down my radio show Remote Emissions at CJSW for 20 years. I am currently affiliated with DNB Girls, Girls On Decks, Tigerstyle Saturdays, Studio Social and CJSW 90.9FM Radio.

What was your intention for your Excursions mix? How did you go about selecting music?

I usually select music intuitively based on a mood or vibe I want to convey. Sometimes a story unfolds. My intention was to create a journey to lose oneself in and forget about problems for an hour and maybe feel some emotions you’ve been keeping in or remember a special time. I love music for that so much.

Who, or what, inspires you today?

I make house mixes for my fitness classes and that inspires me as I can pay homage to the songs I grew up listening to like Madonna, Black Box, Tears for Fears, Pet Shop Boys, and more… and just have fun and be creative. Playing hip hop also keeps me inspired. The younger people in the scene who are making things happen, creating, learning always inspire me. I love seeing them learn and create and most of them are catching on way sooner than I did. LOL. But it keeps me on my toes.

How has your path, intentions or expectations changed as an artist since you started producing and/or DJing?

I am more choosy with the shows I play and I stick to a level that is comfortable for me so I don’t burn out. My tolerance for unprofessional behaviour has gone way down yet my patience has gone way up. If someone is nervous and makes a mistake while playing on my show, it’s not a big deal as pretty much any fuck up has been done already. I am much more relaxed and can finally have fun with it like I didn’t used to be able to. That’s a great feeling and I am excited to dive even deeper into Serato, sampling and maybe one day production.

Any advice for up and comers who want to contribute to their community?

Do it because you love it. You aren’t always going to get paid, things can feel thankless at times, you learn a lot about how people are, but the DJ scene is a microcosm of our larger society so enacting positive change at that level can only radiate out further. Build something, bringing people together, and positively impacting even just one person with music is something special. The friends I have made because of the music community constantly remind me that joining CJSW Radio and deciding to DJ was the best choice I ever made. Knowing that just by playing music I have positively impacted someone’s life is something that is so sacred to me and makes it all worthwhile.

- Lotus Queen

Tracklist coming soon.. 

EXR110 - Refuge with TAF


TAF in the mix tonight for our final episode of 2018 with REFUGE MUSIC YEG!

A Sagittariun – Different Planet [Secretsundaze]
Cooly G feat. Simbad – Landscapes [Hyperdub]
Waterpark – Data Orb [Waterpark]
DJ Nasty – Aphrodisiac [Yo Sucka!]
Secret Lover – Oxy Dub [Heart to Heart]
Jordan Fields – I Think It’s You (Steve Murphy Remix) [Axe On Wax Records]
Ames Henry – Lose Your Sense of Self [Decabaret Records]
DJ Guy Lafleur – Rising Up
Rick James – Ghetto Life [Gordy]
Jeff Mills – Give The Drummer Some [Purpose Maker]
Darren Abrams – Loose Piano (Malik Pittman Remix) [Third Eye Recordings]
John Arnold feat. Malik Alston – Inside (Mr. Scruff Mix)[Wagram Music]
Waajeed – Better Late Than Never [Dirt Tech Reck]
Analogue Cops – Radar [Out Electronic Recordings]
Theo Parrish - Leave The Funk To Us [Sound Signature]
Peter Croce - Revival [Rocksteady Disco]
M People - Moving On Up (Unreleased KDJ Edit) [NDATL Muzik]
Black Noi$e - Brick Wall [Vanity Press Records]
Unknown - Unknown     
Nina Simone – See Line Woman (Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler’s Vocal Mix) [Ibadan Records]
Amp Fiddler feat. Bubz Fiddler & J. Dilla - Through Your Soul [Mahogani Music]

EX050 with Mother Mary


I’m Alex Naylor (Mother Mary)

I chose the name as a queer reinterpretation of my family’s Catholic background. I was born and raised on Treaty 7 territory, in Moh’kins’tsis (Calgary), with brief stints in, and a strong affinity for, the city of Toronto.

I love my hometown, I love our community here, and I’ll always be thankful to the people who built our electronic music scene and continue to push its momentum forward. I’m also aware that we need to work tirelessly to save it from corporate destruction and backwards thinking, so that’s something I like to work alongside friends to contribute to.

Some of the places and spaces where I direct energy toward that goal are as a radio DJ and podcast producer at CJSW (where I have a weekly music show and a monthly queer interview podcast), as scheduling coordinator with Calgary PartySafe (a peer-to-peer harm reduction collective), as a resident DJ with the RENDER crew at Habitat Living Sound, as co-producer of the SKEEN parties (which I run alongside the residents of the infamous Flamingo house), and right here as part of the Excursions.fm team.

When I was starting to DJ, I remember reading an interview with Tijana T and she said, “No matter the genre, no matter the tempo, before putting that record in a record bag or file on a stick ask yourself this: do I love this piece of music? Does every single bar resonate with me?” That advice has stuck with me as I try to patch together my disparate musical loves (downtempo, ambient, percussive house, deep techno, and, more recently, electro) into a personal sound.

What was your intention for your Excursions mix? How did you go about selecting music?

This mix is a live recording (props to Mark Adam for the mastering job!) from a midnight set from the 2018 New Year’s Eve party at the Transient space in Edmonton. For anyone who hasn’t attended one of their parties, it has to be experienced and I won’t try to describe it here. I brought a mix of rough electro, lighthearted breakbeats and straight-ahead techno. As those who have heard the rationale behind my radio show Silent Disco will know, I am always focused on selecting a healthy amount of tracks made by women and non-binary producers, as well as showcasing the talents of queer producers and artists of colour because they form the historical and current backbone of the music we love.

Who, or what, inspires you today?

Sandro Petrillo is a big influence on me, both musically and in his passion for the groundwork behind the magic of a good party. He brings together the seemingly separate elements of the ethereal and the technical to create events that allow for important dancefloor experiences and meetings between people. I know so many people in our scene met each other at Modern Math parties, and I owe a lot of my current involvement in the Calgary scene to folks I met and experiences I had at the Northern Lights Wednesday nights at Hifi Club.

Currently, I draw a lot of inspiration from Kendra Scanlon (Soothsayr) because my experiences working with her have shown me that attention to detail, a lot of hard work, and the right conversation at the right time can make amazing shit happen. Ryan Baker (Jack Ryan) is the same way—how does he have the time to do it all so well? Everyone else on the Excursions team: you’re such a delight to work with. Kris Boekestyn (Chordlust) is generous, patient, and incredibly talented. Mirical MacDonald (PartySafe) is one of the harm reduction pillars of our city and she does so much behind-the-scenes work to keep our scene healthy and safe—without her we’d be lost! Leigh-Anne, Isis and Krista and their Ten Percent project have been really grounding for femme DJs in our city in the past year. Cody Freele (Sonny Chiba) was a huge welcoming force to me into this scene, and the generosity and skill with which he unifies the dancefloor continues to amaze me. Shouts to Catfish the Slim, JustJamal and all Wizardpalace affiliates for getting so many people started in creative practices. And of course, Dino Dobosic (Tamera Daun), Calgary’s official Croatian electro-representative, has influenced my taste a ton and it’s been awesome to work with him on the SKEEN parties.

I see the work of ravers, DJs and promoters who have built our scene to what it is, and I appreciate all they’ve done to get us to where we are… there is so much potential for the future in Calgary and I’m excited to continue to invest in it.



Steffi - Different Entities [Ostgut Ton]
Spacetravel - Galactic [Time Passages]
Classroom - Traumer [GETTRAUM]
Feel Me - Willow [Workshop]
Darling Farah - Body (Jimmy Edgar Remix) - [Civil Music]
2 Bit Crew - Baaam (PH1 Workdub) - [2 Bit Crew]
Paleman - All Good [Fulcrum]
Omar-S - Solely Supported [FXHE]
Lady Blacktronika - Very Strange [Sound Black]
Mr. G - You In Or You Out (Ben Sims Jacker Edit) [Phoenix G.]
Simo Cell - How Do U Turn This On - [Livity Sound]
or:la - Wendy Wild [Hotflush]
Model 500 - Techno Music (M500 Version) [R&S]
The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me [Warp]
London Modular Alliance - Lucid [Hypercolour]
Wilhelm - Reverie [Oscilla]
Traumer - Lost In Capsule [GETTRAUM]
Hiver - Egeo [Kann]
Fred P - 6AM [Secretsundaze]
Mr. C - Master of the Universe [Superfreq]
The Rattler Proxy - Follow (Khidja Remix) [Lurid]
Reptant - Hydrax [Tomahawk]
Chordlust - Dialup [Unreleased]
Peggy Gou - Six O Six [Phonica White]
Ivy Barkakati - Manipulate Me [Unreleased]
Deadbeat - My Rotten Roots [BLKRTZ]
Hiver - Leisure [Curle]
Skee Mask - Fjorward Flex Dub [Ilian Tape]
Special Request - Amnesia [XL]
S. Moreira - My Reality [Slow Life]
DMX Krew - I Won’t Forget [Spectral Sound]
Young Marco - The Best I Could Do (With What I Had) [Dekmantel]
Ciel - Electrical Encounters [Peach Discs]
Maayan Nidam - Harmonious Funk [Cadenza]

EX049 with Orlesko


"A prominent figure in the Edmonton Electronic music scene, Orlesko has been making waves from across Western Canada, Burning Man, Amsterdam, Germany and back. With roots in techno and an emphasis in atmospheric, organic, and world sounds, Orlesko's mastery of vinyl in a live set is nothing short of engrossing. A connoisseur of soundscape design, Orlesko's sound will groove you, move you and keep you engaged, beginning, middle, and end."

Words from Korean Budosh Bachi.


Tell us about the session recorded for Excursions.fm

Perfect, yes this was a lot of fun! Very thankful for this opportunity. Keeping true to when I first started playing records, this mix is all vinyl. Lots of beauties in there. Took me into a trance, I had those memories of being lost in sound surrounded by people as the lights are piercing through the darkness of big clubs like Ibiza’s Space or Amnesia. Maybe the last stage of the night is closing at a festival or the sun is rising and people faces are start to show, glasses on… haha.. that kind of feeling. I love to take the listener on a sound story. Hopefully you get taken for a short ride. Thanks again! Love and respect.


Who, or what, were your early passions and influences?

I remember in the early 2000’s how the techno sound from Italy had such a groovy yet slamming style. This is just after my whirl wind affair with the trance institutions like Gatecrasher and Slinky from the UK, so you have to remember that the BPM was pretty fast, high energy tracks, and a hi end massacre for your ears, yeah… (haha), that was fun. Records now that are collecting mounds of dust… artist like Picotto, Carola, Cerrone; were pumping out tunes on labels like Alchemy, BXR, Zenit, Rilis, Analytic Trail, or Conform. Probably all obscure stuff to the average house and techno pursuer, but I LOVED that stuff back then. It definitely had an impact on what shaped my current music selections.


Who, or what inspires you today?

Romania. Love what they are doing there in the realm of house and techno. Vibrant night life with lots of engagement from the public who may not have anything to do with music other than for the simple sake of enjoyment. Today I’m rolling along with the hypnotic, repetitive, and much slower pace that usually only the heads enjoy most, yet it’s been an interesting refinement of the four:four genre. After my first trip to Bucharest, I saw first-hand what a night or few nights in a row should look like or festival timeline. 2015 was my first time to Romania, I’d been to Germany (North and South), Holland, Switzerland, Ibiza, but nothing compared to Romania. The feeling you had after seven, eight, nice hours of dancing straight, was legendary. The people were solely there for the music and not completely gooned on whatever drug they could find. It was refreshing. Kind of that was nostalgic epilogue revealed after so many years… “this is how it’s supposed to be!” 


What are you working on now? What’s next?

So here I am in Edmonton, living in a completely different listening culture. Not to sound depressing in the slightest; this country still has potential, it’s just that we have such a small demographic and population to fulfill those dreams that the underground electronic hearts live in Europe or Asia. 

In the meantime, I write tunes on Ableton with minimal analog gear. Love that DAW and planning to release a full album by 2018. Have a few tracks mastered and few on the way, you know how it goes, always trying to make or find the time to create and usually slower that you’d expect if you’re a detailed creative. But regardless, it’s a labour of love, it’s an essential part of my life. Creating. Whatever the medium we use, it’s the essence of life. Humans crave it…. well at least this human.

John Levy ‎- Rituals of The Drukpa Order from Thimpu And Punakha [Lyrichord]
Yaroslav Lenzyak - Inertia [Sleep Is Commercial]
Herck - Luminiscente Proprii [Curtea Veche]
DeWalta - Causality [Amphia]
Halo Varga - Future (Jaffa Surfa Remix) [All Inn]
Ricardo Villalobos - Subpad [a:rpia:r]
V.I.C.A.R.I. - Icantthellpit [Black Box Records]
Unknown Artist - N/A 2 [Not On Label]
The Black Pony Orchestra - 00# funk [The Black Pony Orchestra]
Ana Poiesis - Inferior Interior [Motion Sequence]
Exos - Citrit [Thule Records]
Unknown Artist - Cookie Jar [Curtea Vecha]
Unknown Artist - Sun [QNQN]
AG - Metamorphosis Part 2 [Osloground]
Sepp - Cavalerul Kurd [Antrakt]
Pershka - Cobra [Susur]
Villa h2h - Conspiracy Two [Perlon]
G76 - Avian Geometric [Nervmusic Records]
Gera Taraman - Purpur [Propaganda Records]
Vualitron - Smokecheck Five [Tver]
Mountain People - Mountain011.2 (Makcim & Levi Remix) [Mountain People]
DeWalta - Gravitation [Amphia]
Brian Eno - Reflection [Warp Records]
Haramia Tapes - Harper [Apollo]

EX048 with Kloves




"Hey this is Kloves. I was born and raised in Calgary, AB. I’m an Ableton Live Instructor, Techno aficionado, DJ and Producer. I also do a little audio engineering on the side with my side company called KLVS Audio. I co-own and run a techno label called OBSKUR MUSIC with my best mate Nomad Black where we focus on darker, deep European style techno. I also am proud to be a part of the FLASH Recordings family which is Florian Meindl’s label."

"My intention for this mix was to play music I really like that is sort of out of the norm of what I would usually play live. If you’ve seen me play live you’d know I play pretty hard techno tunes. But I have a soft spot for those deep stripped down super dark tracks as well. That’s actually what OBSKUR MUSIC is all about… the deeper, darker dimensions of techno. So with this mix, I focused on that a lot more and I actually may be doing that for a little bit in the future."

When was the last show you saw?
I actually saw a couple over in London and in Berlin on my Europe trip recently. In London, we saw Len Faki put on a great show at the Village Underground and that was one of my favorite parties to date. The other show was at Tresor in Berlin… we caught a friend of mine play, Mor Elian, and that was really awesome. Sigha was playing that night as well. I unfortunately got sick that night and had to leave early but it was amazing from what we saw. Definitely visit Tresor if you’re in Berlin.

Who, or what, inspires you today?
I have mad respect for Richie Hawtin and my label boss Florian Meindl. Both of these two artists produce and play techno on different ends of the techno spectrum. But both have a lot in common. Both of these artists are respected and master their art, they are pioneers and business people. I look up to both as artists, as entrepreneur’s and I strive to be as busy and successful as they are.

What are you working on now? What’s next?
I have a few more releases to start off 2018… they are forthcoming. A remix on Spiros Kaloumenos’ label called Focus Records, I’m working on my 3rd EP for FLASH, I have a single coming out on Justin James’ label – Refused. As well as a single on my own label OBSKUR MUSIC. I will also be heading to Vancouver to play alongside FLASH label mate Noncompliant at the end of January. On top of all this madness, I am actually in the works of putting together a monthly residency focused on the deep dark dimensions of Techno… that’s all I can say about that right now though. And lastly! I will be teaching at Beat Drop and doing some audio engineering for my “side company” KLVS Audio. So it’s a crazy 2018 already but I’m really excited for it.

Pfirter - You (Original Mix) [MindTrip]
N.O.B.A, Greg Denbosa - Reflections (Original Mix) [Mind Games Recordings]
Mendy - Bleu (Original Mix) [ARTS]
Nicolas Pravel & Eric Lemuet – Glay (Original Mix) [ARTS]
Patrik Skoog - Frontiers (Original Mix) [Parabel]
Svarog - Way Under The Sun (Original Mix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Setaoc Mass - Vanishing Point (Original Mix) [SK Eleven]
Sigha - Scene Couple (Original Mix) [Hotflush Recordings]
Skaliger - Rebellious Son (Original Mix) [ARTS]
Tensal - Proton 1 (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
Nicolas Pravel & Eric Lemuet – Prune (Original Mix) [ARTS]
Gemini Voice Archive - Interaction Of A Parallel Universe (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
Luca Maniaci - Insomnia (Original Mix) [Mind Games Recordings]
Kloves - Missing (Original Mix) [Unreleased]

EX047 with Kris Guilty



Ross 154 - Mayflower [ARTEL1]
Blackoly - BFS [YYGREC07]
Fader - Un Bilhao De Pes De Porco [BR006]
Oasis - Nine-Teen [FXHE2200]
Nummer - Primal Fire [NUMM05]
DSC - The Sorcerer [HHANDS02]
VRAC - Bar de Zi [MFLOW7]
Braxton Holmes - Rons Foreplay [CHR132]
Tevo Howard - Dusa (Original Disco Mix) [BGR010]
EMG - Frisbee In The Alley [RTV020]
Ark - Way To Heaven [TEL043]
Tommy Vicari Jnr - Best Way [LWX003]
Karlos Moran - Transgressing The Invisible Threshold [MMG001]
NSRD - On A Reindeer Sleigh Across The Gulf Of Riga [STR12004]

EXR0109 - Refuge with Fraser


Broadcasted on November 2, 2017

“This recording is a collection of music obtained through influential experiences, discoveries and friends over this past year travelling, hosting events at Transient and living in Edmonton. The selections emphasize attention to detail in production/recording techniques, introspective/deep/melancholic vibes and hi-tek rhythmic structure. This 2 hour mix captures an array of ambient, experimental, IDM, dub, techno, electro, jungle, ghetto tech and hip hop recorded in Edmonton, Alberta."
- Fraser (@fraser.cdn)

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Jungle Is A Shapeshifter [Hospital Productions]
Uon - Zlo [Motion Ward]
Money Morning - Haze [Acting Press]
Soramimi - Stellium In Sapphire [Dusk Notes]
Analog~1 - Arpeggiator (Reduced) [Furthur Electronix]
Uon - SuB1 [Motion Ward]
Radius - Etherscapes (cv313 reshape) [Echospace Detroit]
cv313 - Luna Petra (vinyl remaster) [Echospace Detroit]
Radius - The Advent of Babylon (1996 original 12” mix) [Echospace Detroit]
Buttechno - Warm Wind [Gost Zvuk]
Perfume Advert - Rotted Out [1080p]
Mohalo - Anamorphic Canvas [Other Heights]
Machine Woman - I Can Mend Your Broken Heart [Where To Now?]
Thor, Sanasol - Mjuk Brjost [Connaisseur Recordings]
Ad Vanz vs. Gescom - Viral [FatCat Records]
Via App - From Across The Room [Tresor]
Hisingen Electro - Global Power Game [Stilleben Records]
CEM3340 - Hygiea [Lunar Orbiter Program]
Оптические Иллюзии - A1 [ГОСТ ЗВУК]
Roger 23 - Output [No Suit Records]
Demdike Stare - Overstaying [Modern Love]
Patricia - Learned Behaviour [Sleeperhold Publications]
Pollen - Lost Souls [Scopex Records]
CEM3340 - Sedna [Lunar Orbiter Program]
Skee Mask - Koppelberg Chant [Ilian Tape]
214 - Programs On The Move [Frustrated Funk]
The Advent - Funkage [Internal]
Vtgnike - Mofeel [ГОСТ ЗВУК]
Skee Mask - Skreet Lvl Dub [Ilian Tape]
Kid Lib - Political Broadcast [Kid Lib]
Dj Di’jital - Final Frontier [Rawax]
Nick Speed - Untitled [Not On Label]
Patricia - Diminished Feeling [Sleeperhold Publications]
Nick Speed - Untitled [Not On Label]



DJ SONIDEF aka Sonja Elarco is an up and coming local DJ making waves in Calgary. Her previous background in dance has allowed her to easily transition onto the 1s and 2s and enjoys an eclectic range of styles including R&B, Funk, Nu-disco, House, Hip Hop, Dance hall, Electronic and everything in between. From street dance battles to runways, dance parties to cocktail lounges, she can adapt to create a vibe for many types of events. Catch her spinning around town including her weekly Friday Residency at Untitled Champagne Lounge, Commonwealth Bar & Stage once a month with Teddy Celebration and friends for What-A-Time and numerous pop up events.

"My intention for this excursions mix was to create a warm vibe that reminded me of summer and songs that are groovy to my ear. A mix of Nu-disco, R&B, dancehall, house and other sub genres with nice soulful vocals too."

How do you go about preparing a set?
I try to make crates of potential songs I would like to play for that set and freestyle my set based on reading the vibe of the crowd. Planning and editing does not come natural to me because I tend to overthink way too hard hence the last minute of preparation of this mix haha. Going with the flow is how I pretty much live my life.

What are you working on now? What’s next?
I do want to make more mixtapes to showcase all the other genres I love to play. Eventually learning how to produce my own edits in the future!

What was the last show you saw?
I don’t go out that much but one of my most favorite shows I’ve seen recently in regards to DJing is seeing Questlove this past summer. His musical tastes are undeniably awesome and that set he played took the whole crowd on a journey.


Little Dragon – High (Shea Butter Extra Hi Edit) [Bandcamp]
Ashanti – Only you (WNTR Remix) [Soundcloud]
Childish Gambino – Redbone (Full Crate & PimPim Remix) [Soundcloud]
Nick Wisdom – Rock the Cash Bar [Bastard Jazz Recordings]
Sam Wills – So Bright [Self Released]
Midas Hutch feat Shakka – Get Mine (Wantigga Remix) [Soundcloud]
Mars Today – Chico’s Groove [Mixto Music]
Boulevard 95– Summer Madness [Soundcloud]
Mac Ayres – Devil in the Details (Jon Reyes Doowutchyalike Edit) [Soundcloud]
Reva Devito – Kisses ( Blvd95 Magic Kiss Edit) [Soundcloud]
Amine – Redmercedes (Ryan Fennis Bootleg) [Bandcamp]
Cosmo’s Midnight feat Kudu Blue – Mind Off [Soundcloud]
Eric Benet feat Faith Evans – Georgy Porgy (SOULSPY George Benson Remix) [Soundcloud]
Justin Timberlake – Rock your body (Paul Oakenfold Mix) [Jive]
Y4NN – Talk to me [Soundcloud]
Dabeull feat Holybrune – DX7 [Roche Musique]
Shay Lia – What’s Your Problem? [Soundcloud]
J-Felix – 101 Reasons (El Train Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
JR. JARRIS with Mikos Da Gawd – Get Lost [Bandcamp]
Luke Million feat Sam Sparro – Back to the Rhythm (JaFunk Remix) [Soundcloud]
Zo! feat Eric Roberson – We Are On the Move [Reel People Music]
Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (WNTR Remix) [Soundcloud]


EXR0108 - Refuge with TAF


Broadcasted on September 21, 2017

Our eight instalment in the Refuge Music YEG x Excursions broadcast is brought to you by TAF!


Dengue Dengue Dengue – La Rama de Tamarindo [Enchufada]
Marco Zenker – Landwehr [Ilian Tape]
Phil Kieran – Whisper [Twin Turbo]
Orlando Voorn – Give Me What I Need [Housewax]
Quentin Kane, Simon Sheldon, TK Blue - The Blue Room feat. TK Blue (Kaidi Tatham's Shokazuku Remix) [unquantize]
Niko Marks – I Can’t Stop [Subject Detroit]
M People – Moving On Up (KDJ Edit) [NDATL Muzik]
Malik Alston – Hot [Truth Manifest Records]
Shalamar – In The Socket [Solar]
Ce Ce Peniston – Keep On Walking (Maurice’s Underground Vox) [A&M Records]
Masters At Work – Alright Alright [Fourth Floor Records]
Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Jupiter Jazz [Underground Resistance]
Nima Skill – Radio RIP [Decabaret Records]
Vaughan Mason & Crew – Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll [Brunswick]
Rick Wilhite – Drum Patterns & Memories (Moodymann Mix 2) [Rush Hour Recordings]
Yussef Kamaal– Lowrider [Brownswood Recordings]
Teddy Pendergrass – The More I Get, The More I Want [East End Music]


EX045 - On2


On2 is a musical endeavor consisting of Profclarke (AKA Dean Clarke), from Edmonton and grew up in Calgary and Fluxo (aka Ryan Benn), originally from TO and grew up in the Kootenays. 

What was your intention with your Excursions mix?

Doing this mix for the Excursions crew was an honor for us because we truly enjoy what they're putting out. Their good vibes and inspiring selection keep us coming back.

How did you go about selecting the music?

With this mix we wanted to share what we're feelin’. We like introducing people to new sounds. When people go off, we're happy that we could paint yet another beautiful tune on the canvas.

Our track selections are always from the heart. We play songs that we love and we hope that you'll come along for the ride.

What was the last show that surprised you?

Profclarke: Ivy Lab at Shambala was amazing and seeing them alongside great people was the hit!
Fluxo : Baja Ajax at Oregon Eclipse Festival.

Who, or what were your early passions and influences?

Profclarke: My father was the one who showed me the light and the older cats in my life did too. Guys like Leroy Hutson, Roy Ayers, Dilla, SA RA, Bugz in the Attic and Mark de Clive Lowe were all very important in my life.

Who, or what inspires you today?

Fluxo : The ability to zone out in the dig and find music that moves me. Then to share it with others is a blessed lifestyle. This is what inspires me about today :)

Any advice for up and comers who want to contribute to their community?

Profclarke: Do you and be true!!



Paul White - The Composer’s Come Back [One-Handed Music]
Paper Tiger - Insert Coins [What Now Becomes]
Zackey Force Funk - RND 1 [Hit+Run]
Juies Chaz - 93 Million Miles [Wagon Repair Ltd.]
Kastle - It’s About Us [Symbols Recordings]
Children of Zeus - Still Standing [First World Records]
Wayne Snow - Rosie [Tartelet Records]
Boats - Rollo [NFP001]
Thane - Gravity feat. Jay Stones [626448 Records]
Ricky Blaze - Apart feat. Alexus Rose [FME Recordings]
Ig Culture - Take it there (instrumental)
Buttering Trio - Go Away [Raw Tapes]
Neon June - Fela kuti (prod.rvdical the kid)[self released]
BLDG5 - Totemo - Opposite of Charme (Mo Kolors Dub rework)[self released]
Mndsgn - Cosmic Perspective [Stones Throw]
Lopez - Lines
Dragon Suplex - First Kiss (Joeblack 'Boogie' Remix)[Mullet Records]
Mo Kolors - Mike Black [One-Handed Music]
Thriftworks - Monkey On My Back [self released]
Kenlo Croqnote - Facteur Humidex
E.L.Q. - the 208
Surface - Girls Were Made To Love [Legacy Recordings]
Girls of the internet - When U Go [Soul Heaven Recordings]
Gina Breeze - Reckless [Classic Music Company]
Dj Slugo - High off ur Love [KMG Music]
Dj Slugo - Im High Than A MF [Blok Club DJs Inc]
Steve Spacek - Compact n Sleep [Ninja Tune]
Ago - Zero Shift [Innamind Recordings]
Wen - It's Alot [Keysound Recordings]
Mo Kolours - Mike Black [One-Handed Music]
Clicks and Whistles - Hello [self released]
Khromi - Trials [Cut Records]
Khromi - Zephyr [Cut Records]
Buck UK - Rain [Cut Records]
Dj Vadim - The Harp Song [Ninja Tune]
Letherette - Ear Diss [Wulf]

EX044 - HomeSick


Broadcasted on August 14, 2017

"A net artist, Jazz Keyboardist & Footwork Savant, HomeSick is many things at once."
- Red Bull Music Academy

Squarepusher - The Exploding Psychology [Warp Records]
Death Grips - Guillotine [Third Worlds]
Clipping - Wriggle [Sub Pop]
Venetian Snares - Koonut Kaliffee [Planet Mu]
Little Snake - IF U DONT KNOH
Squarepusher - Red Hot Car [Warp Records]
Aphex Twin - Fenix Funk 5 [Rephlex]
LFO - Freak (Benncart’s Getting’ Your Freak On Juke Edit) [Polish Juke]
Mu-Ziq - Ease Up VIP [Planet Mu]
Andy Stott - Selfish [Modern Love]
Kode9 - Xingfu Lu [Hyperdub]
Traxman - Going Wild (feat. Rashad & AG) [Planet Mu]
RP Boo - Off Da Hook [Planet Mu]
Sinjin Hawke - By Any Means [Fractal Fantasy]
DJ Paypal - One Star [Sewage Tapes]
MNDSGN - Ya Own Way [Stones Throw]
Hade x DWFL - The Healthiest Man In Chicago [Melting Pot Music]
Father - Nokia
Dub Technicians - Analogue Pressure [Rollin Records]
HomeSick x Silkersoft - Dataism [Aufect Recordings]
HomeSick - Mass Appeal [Defrostatica Records]
HomeSick - Legendary [Seclusiasis]
HomeSick - VIP Sleep [Footwork Jungle]
HomeSick - Environment Standards [Modern Run Records]
HomeSick - Step Inside (from the vaults)
HomeSick - Big Friday (CJSW Dub)


EX0107 - Refuge with Fjord b2b Josh John


Tonight on Excursions we're broadcasting a b2b set from Josh John and Fjord, recorded live at Transient in June. This marks the seventh installment in our monthly collaboration with the REFUGE MUSIC YEG crew.


EX043 - The Paronomasiac


"Hi everyone, My name is Nik Kozub, aka Nik 7, aka The Paronomasiac, aka (half of) Muchias. If you don’t know me, I make music (mostly as The Paronomasiac these days), and co-run the Normals Welcome record label with my friends Jason and Dylan in the sometimes-beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (except Dylan, he moved to a fancier place). Here is a quick and dirty vinyl mix I put together for the fine folks at Excursions... mistakes ’n all creeps! It’s kinda short, some of my mixes kinda suck, but I love all these tunes and I hope you do too."

- The Paranomasiac

The Paronomasiac (that’s me!) - Chill Haze [Normals Welcome]
Rhode and Brown - St. Hippolyte [Toy Tonics]
Beesmunt Soundsystem - Simcha Riddim (Project Pablo remix) [Church]
Electronic Broadcast System - Waverunner [Pacific Rhythm]
Deetroit - untitled [Unknown Deetroit]
Waterpark - Nessie’s Revenge [unreleased]
Generation Next - Cascade [7 Days Ent.]
Rhythm Composer - Jack To The Sound [Rare Trax]
Paranoid London - Give Me The [Paranoid London]
Lucid Soul - Outbreak [Recycle]
Muchias (That’s also me! With my friend Borys!) - Papaschase Parade – [Normals Welcome]
Robert Palmer - The Silver Gun [Island}


EX042 - Soothsayr


Using radio as a catalyst for her ever growing library of booty bouncing bass music, Soothsayr aims to bring attention to underrepresented artists and genres through purposeful curation. The highly percussive, repetitive sounds of footwork and juke speak to the rhythm of her day to day routine - channeling both her anxiety and excitement into creative projects, day jobs, moonlight gigs and side hustles.

In Love With A Ghost - I Don't Know and I Don't Want to Know [Z Tapes]
CharlestheFirst - Vimoka [Goldswing Music]
DJ Taye x TASO x A.Fruit - Thinkin Bout U [Teklife] 
Mel G - Like Dat [Teklife]
Mat The Alien - Spiritual [The Footwork Jungle]
Suzi Analogue - Do U Really [nevernormalrecords]
Heroshe - Slang [Chapel Sound]
DJ Rolow - Rain [Innocuous Records] 
WSTVGHN - Thats True [Footwork Fusion 160]
DJ Rolow - Summer Air [Footwork Frenzy]
6 Day Of August - Full Moon [Unknown]
Dstrcv - Are U Still Down 4 Me ? (VIP) [Bandcamp]
Tokyo Megaplex - Pump This [Darker Than Wax]
EQ Why - Got My Mind Formatted [Bandcamp]
KRTS - Sunrise Over Warschauer [Project Mooncircle]
Arshaw - Orgreave [Balkan Kolektiv Records]
The Renegades - Searching [The Footwork Jungle]
B3no feat. Ambur Rose - Days Gone By [Balkan Kolektiv Records]
RP Boo - Azzoutof Control [Planet Mu]
Sideswipe x BSN Posse x Nikes - Catch tha Light [Iberian Juke]
WSTVGHN - Booty Bounce [Footwork Fusion 160]
DJ Chap - Float [Teklife]
Dstrcv - When I Courtin' U [Bandcamp]
Mikey J. Blige - Gain Wah [Chapel Sound]
Anna Morgan - Mi Gyal Dem [Juke Bounce Werk]
Jana Rush - SUN RA [Objects Limited]
HAI - Black Grinder [Liga Mexicana del Bass]
Bambooloo - Shadows [Smokey Crow Records]
Metafloor - Werk Thang [Bandcamp]
Ma Fuego - Fiyah Bun Dem [Ten Toes Turbo]


EX041 - Blair Van Reisen


"This mix is just a taste of how my musical style has evolved over the years, with a carefully curated selection of old and new deep house tracks. I think this is a true reflection of my current passion for house music. Sit back, relax and enjoy."

@blairvanriesen (@girlsondecks)

Lost Desert – Yume (Original Mix) [Shanti Radio Moscow]
Zoo Brazil & Per QX – Save Us (Original Mix) [Size Records]
Howling – Phases (Toto Chiavetta Colour Zero) [Innervisions]
Conjure One – Miscreant (heliotype’s Extended Balearic Bass Remix) [Armada Electronic Elements]
Thomas Gandey, Alex Kaspersky – To Find Reason (Original Mix) [Einmusika Recordings]
Nex Tone – Helix (Original Mix) [Asymmetic Dip]
Ben Ashton – Groove Section (Original Mix) [WONNEmusik]
Moon Boots – The Life Aquatic (Ian Pooley Berg Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Patrick Jeremic, C. Vogt – Vice (Original Mix) [Get Weird]
Sebastien Leger – La danse du scorpion (Original Mix) [Einmusika Recordings]
Ryan Davis – Brun (Matthias Meyer Remix) [Anjunadeep]
Animal Trainer – Pirate Games (Original Mix) [KATERMUKKE]
Sandeman – Ice (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]
Chi Thanh – Stone (Original Mix) [Off Recordings]
Just Her – Follow You Down (Oliver Schories Remix) [GU Music]


EX040 - Topology


''These tracks are close to my heart. They represent the pain and nostalgia in moving forward with our lives.''

- Topology (VRNT Sound)

Qnete - Tanning (Tanning Mix) [Wake Up! Records]
Atu x Dpat x Sango - 3 [Unreleased]
Sango - All of You (feat. Brea) [Soulection]
jjunior - Halu [Emincé]
Four Lore - Touch Me (feat. Inas) [Self Released]
Jacques Greene - Another Girl [LuckyMe]
Koji - Eyes Low [Self-Released]
Spooky Black - Reason [Self-Released]
6LACK - Prblms [LoveRenaissance x Interscope Records]
Yung Lean - Kyoto [Revenue]
21 Savage x Metro Boomin - No Heart [Self-Released]
Yung Lean - Yoshi City [Sky Team]
Four Lore - First Impressions (feat. Dannah) [Self-Released]
Dpat - Over [Soulection]
Little People - Fisticuffs At Dawn [Illicit Recordings]
Topology - What Else Do You Want Me to Say? [VRNT]
MF Doom - Orange Blossoms [Shaman Works]
The Whatnauts - I'll Erase Your Pain Away [Stang Records]
Madvillain - Pow! (Intro) [Stones Throw Records]
Clams Casino - Wassup [Self-Released]
Flamingosis - Taken [Self-Released]
Chordlust - This Time [Unreleased]
Thievery Corporation - Sweet Tides [Eighteenth Street Lounge Music]



EXR0106 - Refuge with Overland x Extra


For the sixth installment of our monthly REFUGE MUSIC YEG residency we will be broadcasting a special b2b set by Overland and Extra recorded live at Transient last month.

Tune in at 9 PM MST, and be sure to check out Smartbar Chicago's Sassmouth & Olin this Saturday at Transient 09, presented by Refuge. Contact REFUGE MUSIC YEG for more details.


Tracklist not available.

EX039 - Metafloor


"Last time I played on Excursions it was during the day at Bass Coast and I played an all dubstep set. I decided to keep this tradition going even though I am still very much focused on the half step, 170 realm. Dubstep will always be my foundation and roots for my inspiration. In This set we will explore new 140 bits from myself and others, as well as a few more surprises to keep things moving forward, always."

- Metafloor


No tracklist available.

EX038 - Sonny Chiba


"I’ve always had a love for cinema. It’s affected me a lot in the direction and tone of my music. The moment of visualization created in my head when I hear a certain song is the catalyst to me playing it and how it is arranged. Without that there is no story to tell. The full arc of this set is peaks and valleys, a culmination of my favorite selections from these past few years. I hope you enjoy the ride."

- Sonny Chiba

Jon Fay – 1271 [Mörk]
Isolée – Pisco [Maeve]
AD/D – Motorcity Sunrise [No.19 Music]
DJ Boring – 6 AM Mimosa [Let’s Play House]
Heko Laux – Souldancer (Ray Kajioka Remix) [Kanzleramt]
Fort Romeau – Away [Cin Cin]
Jonathan Kusuma – Waves Form [Bravura]
Jepe – Amaabi (Iron Curtis Remix) [Blossom Kollektiv]
Charlotte de Witte – Watching (Original Mix) [Sleaze Records]
Josh Wink – Resist (Truncate V1 Remix) [Ovum Recordings]
Ellen Allien – Stormy Memories [Bpitch Control]
Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic – Mastermind [20:20 Vision]
Glaskin – Objects [Who Whom]
Unknown Archetype – The Serpent [R&S Records]
Doms & Deykers – Bafff [3024]
Rusty Meeks – 5 (The GOAT Remix) [Substation Recordings]
CABAL -Street Anatomy (Forthcoming on Substation Recordings)
Truncate – 7_1 (12-inch Mix) [Truncate]
Delta Funktionen – Warp Drive [Radio Matrix]
Naduve & Katzele – Nein (Man Power Remix) [Rothmans]
La Fleur – Flowerhead (Cassy Remix) [Power Plant Records]
Fantastic Man – Galactic Ecstasy [Kitjen]
Prince Of Denmark – Pulsierendes Leben [Forum]