Deadbeat - Walls & Dimensions [I A]
Sven Weismann - Elapse [Telrae]
Heron - Lost in Dust [Meandyou]
Fresh II - Scrub A Tub [Acido]
J Dilla - People [Stones Throw] 
Dr.Adolf Ahanotu - Ijere [Soundway]
El Molito - Put Some - Red [Motorbike]
Jesse Bru - Marbled Meat Entree for Two [Heart to Heart]
Mr.G - My Thurzdays [Phonica]
House of Doors - Franki Cence -[MoodHut]
Mood II Swing - Move Me [Music For Your Ears]
Track Masters - The Basement Jam [Nervous]
Jordan Fields - Hold oh When Things Get Rough [RareTrax]
Omar-S - Frogs [FXHE]
Pender Street Steppers - The Glass City [Moodhut]
Joey Anderson - Sorcery [Dekmantel]
Jay Daniel - I Have No Name [Sound Signature]
Eddie C - Get it Together [Lumberjacks in Hell]
Jordan GCZ - Swingonguitaro [Future Times]
Moomin - Catch A Cold [Smallville]
Roman Flugel - Brian Le Bon [LARJ]
Kassem Mosse - Untitled [Workshop 08]
Barnt - Hark [Mule Musiq]
Jesse Bru - Under The Night (Exercise One Remix) [We Have Friends]
Jordan Fields - I Feel Loved [Headphoniq]
NY House'n Authority - Apt 2B [Nu Groove]
Heaven & Earth - Prescription Every Night [Prescription]
Kerri Chandler - Atmosphere (Track 1) [Shelter Records]
Alex Smith - Here With Me [FXHE]
PG Sounds - Loose [Acido]