"More than half of this mix is made from music made or promoted right here in Canada from all corners of our country by good, hard working people. The rest are artists or labels that I really enjoy or have had the opportunity to actually meet along my travels. I wanted this to feel like a more personal mix. I think sometimes as a club DJ it can be very easy to fall into habits of playing hit records, maybe easy to digest music for crowds who are excited and happy to take it all in. I've been finding myself lately feeling a void and having a strong craving to play different types of music; weirder, darker, uncomfortable at times but then another side of me that is almost more musical, more disco, more vocal, more accessible. It's a confusing time! I always joke about being a one trick pony and this is somewhat true with me and my four/four preferences, but I can feel as a DJ now that I am starting to relax a little bit more and expand the sounds I am picking to play. I would not call this mix a departure from "total normal" for me but it is definitely an excursion. I hope you enjoy!"
- Esette

Stanky - Difficult Child [Sea Shanty]
Dunmore Park - Shore (Esette Remix) [TBA]
Sons of Tiki - Midnight Arguments [Vakant]
Volksfreud - The RF Spirit (Original Mix) [RF]
Metha - Internal [Skylab Records]
The Goat - Offset [Substation Recordings]
John Norman - Republic (Antwon Faulkner Remix) [UNT Recordings]
Jeremy Nail - Farewell Dialogue (Jay Tripwire Remix) [Innerflight Music]
Cabal - Suspiria [Substation Recordings]
Lauhaus - Facing East [Danse Club Records]
Esette featuring Piper Davis - The Rise (GIOM Remix) [Supremus Records]
Yannick Labbe - Arpeggiate [O*RS]
Moodyman - Liveinla 1988 [Peacefrog Records]
Ruede Hagelstein featuring C.A.R - Footprints (Can Love Be a Synth Mix) [Watergate]