"ARKH is a collective focused on providing unique outdoor musical experiences. At our events, we seek to get people outdoors in picturesque settings in Calgary’s surrounding area to camp and experience nature whilst enjoying a wide selection of music performed by local artists. Sounds are mixed by Jack Ryan. I hope for some, this mix is a departure from the norm."
- Jack Ryan

Oni Ayun - OAR003-B (Original Mix) [Oni Ayhun Records]
GoldFFinch - Europa [Turbo Records]
Graze - Thundare (Original Mix) [New Kanada]
Dean Grenier & Max Ulis - The Face You Wear Is Not Your Own [Sister City Limited]
Martyn - Bauplan (L-Vis 1900 & Bok Bok Remix) [Brainfeeder]
Boddika - Crack [Swamp 81]
Graze - Cold Drop (Original Mix) [New Kanada]
Dean Grenier - Rotorvator [OMNIDISC]
Monolith - Benjamin Damage [50 Weapons]
DVS1 - Creepin (Original Mix) [Klockworks]
Adam Marshall - White Mouse [New Kanada]
Pachanga Boys - Pachanga Voice (Original Mix) [Hippie Dance]
Mike Mind - Resonate (Version 2) [Turbo Recordings]
Traffic Signs - VCM Nation (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
Cos-ber-zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix) [Jiaolong]
Murat Tepeli - Forever (Prosumers Hold Me Touch Me Version) [ava.]
Scottie Deep - About You (Drama Mix) [Thumpin! Records]
John Swing - Don't Want It (Original Mix) [Relative]
Omar S - Set it Out (Original Mix) [FXHE Records]