"Assembled on a frosty January night in Edmonton, Alberta. Recorded at Transient on a set of Technic 1200 turntables, Pioneer CDJs & A&H mixer. Featuring a small moody subsection of my music collection segueing from dub techno and atmospheric cuts to new originals, electro and acid. Much love from the Refuge crew."
- Fraser

Various Artists  - No. 3 (Debit) [Chain Reaction]
Various Artists  - No. 6 (Credit) [Chain Reaction]
Substance & Vainqueur  - Immersion [Scion Versions]
Exos  - Àttfalt [Thule Records]
Prince of Denmark  - Pulsierendes Leben [Forum]
Convextion  - Exploration [a.r.t.less]
Patricia  - Thoughts 57 [Unreleased]
Ratio x SCRAM  - Interrupted Supply Dub [Scram]
1991  - I (Patricia’s Mind Meld Mix) [Unreleased]
Fraser  - Dymond Zye [Unreleased]
Petter B  - Enogen [Parabel]
Fraser  - Vertical Cascade [Unreleased]
Cassegrain  - Skull Gun [Arcing Seas]
Patricia with Dariius  - The White Castle ([Unreleased]
Prince of Denmark  - Squidcall [Forum]
DJ Normal 4  - Transcendental Training Tactics [Brothers from Different Mothers]
214  - Ektes [Frustrated Funk]
A Cluster of Blue  - I Come Back [Green Light Recordings]
ID  - ID
Lonny & Melvin  - Suck The Box [Craft Records]
Electronome  - Een Drumcomputer & Een Synthesizer [Viewlexx]
Helana Hauff  - Rupture [Solar One Music]
Cari Lekebusch  - Jon's Secret Technique [Drumcode]
Shifted Phases  - Lonely Journey Of The Comet Bopp [Tresor]