Hi hello - I’m Christine/Chrissi /xtine (pronoun she/her). I’m from Ottawa, Ontario. I moved from Toronto to Vancouver in 2015 & been here ever since. In Vancouver i run a collective within the electronic music community called Babelink with Cher/Innezz, Alli/Bunnie, Bradley/Crepes Suzette & Stella/Skydog. We throw parties focused on creating safe spaces for our femme, POC, queer community. Our crew is made up of DJs, DJs, dancers, drag queens, graphic artists & everyone in between. we’re also just a crew of friends doing our thing & supporting each other.

What was your intention for your Excursions mix? How did you go about selecting music?

Initially i wanted to very specifically curate the tracks for this mix to be a perfect story, but i was thinking too hard about the perfect progression. I love to travel through styles, genres, highs and lows. on the night i made the mix, i decided to just go for it instead. I love playing through my recent dl drops and mixing them into what i have in my master genres. With the rain and change of season i’ve been feeling moodier, darker, introspective energies. I feel my intention came about even more by letting go of the setlist and feeling it out. I had so much fun and i love the progression that happened naturally with that in mind.

Who, or what, were your early passions and influences?

i used to blog about music because I wanted an online collection of music i loved to share with other people and to have a cute library for myself. Now my entire life revolves around curation. At my work @ the District, as a DJ, and as a human with Spotify. i’ve always been a nerd about organizing and collecting music. A major part of being a DJ for me is the time at home with 100 tabs open digging through endless tracks and collecting them in specific orders on all my platforms. I was initially inspired by electronic music by discovering it on youtube channels like majestic casual, selected, and tons of other channels that collect music that i now get to work with every day at the District. Stimming was one of the first artists that really blew my mind on majestic casual and opened the door to the kinds of music I’m in love with now, regardless of that not being the exact style of music i play.

Who, or what, inspires you today?

So many people, all the time. all of my friends doing the things. I’m inspired by everyone I see working hard to contribute to their local communities - creating events and environments that are safe and inclusive. I’m currently and endlessly inspired by D. Tiffany and her label Planet Euphorique. I’m not only inspired by musicians, but all artists that come together to create immersive experiences.

Who do you look up to in your local scene? Who pushes you?

My girl Cher/Innezz pushes me in so many ways. She’s always looking out for everyone, working hard to create safe spaces and challenging perspectives. Cher keeps me going. when i’m ready to quit - she never lets that happen and i’m always grateful for it. I’m inspired by Vancouver’s Nuzi Collective, New Forms Festival, and everyone grinding in the city doing things properly with good intentions to make things happen, it’s hard work and I appreciate it.

What are you working on now? What’s next?

Currently working on balancing Babelink events, gigs, work and self. Not overdoing it while keeping everything going. Next I’d like to find the time to keep learning Ableton and some hardware like my synth & maybe a drum machine :)

How has your path, intentions or expectations changed as an artist since you started producing and/or DJing?

I used to think that DJ-ing every weekend or all the time was the goal. Then it started happening and with balancing everything else, playing so often started to feel overwhelming. I think it might be different if you’re a touring DJ. But instead of DJ-ing out every weekend in the same city, i’m more focused now on taking less gigs and refocusing that time on the other aspects. I think less frequent gigs in your home city feel more special if they’re a bit more spaced out.

What was the last show that surprised you?

House of Kenzo artist collective at New Forms Festival was shocking and incredible. A fully immersive experience that was completely moving and will take me a long time to fully unravel the experience and my takeaways. Please look them up. Wow.

Anything else you’d like listeners to know?

This mix was recorded on an Allan & Heath Xone 42 mixer and CDJ850’s in my apartment. I’m still mastering the 850’s so there’s some bumps along the way. I had my friend Ryan do a little edit on it to smooth it out for best listening experience. :)

Any advice for up and comers who want to contribute to their community?

Show up and participate in the things you want to be part of. Volunteer when you can. Make sure you’re taking enough time for yourself and don’t feel like you need to be at every event in order to support the cause. Make sure you’re feeling good first. Your output will be better because of it.

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Priori - Port Romance [Echovolt]
Roza Terenzi - Freak N Tweak [Dekmantel]
BEARCAT - VIVA [Physically Sick]
Gene On Earth - Beyond The Reef [Limousine Dream]
Jack Roland - Kyi City [lonelyplanetsrec]
Von Pixel - Dream Feed [Dream Feed]
Ambien Baby - Stab Me [Planet Euphorique]
Flora FM - Storm Cleaned [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Ghtodrum - Rave Cave [YUNG DUMB Records]
Ghtodrum - 2nd Entry [Glove Traxx]
Pilgrims Of The Mind - Subtropique [Outersanctum]
Doxa - Disideratum [Physically Sick]
Roots - Pure Science [Lunar Tunes]
j-zbel - Tunnel Vision [BFDM]
Overland - Acid Dream [Helpful Music]
Egosim - Pirate Copy (Pulse Plant Remix) [This is…]
999999999 - 000000005 [NineTimesNine]
747 - Astero Ceras [Aquaregia]
Nick Warren - Buenos Aires [Hope Recordings]
Chris Bangs ft. Rita Campbell - Warm Weather (Solarstone Remix) [INCredible]
Shiloh - Sign I [Deeplife Records]
Universal State - All Because Of You (Sunday Club Remix) [Platipus]
Lmo Project - Free Radicals (Aaron Static Remix) [Underground City Music]
Reptant - Hydrax [Tomahawk]
Aquarius Tx - Sunset 17 (Dj Normal 4’s Breaky Baby Remix) [Echovolt]
Ghetto Sunrise - She Lies [Glove Traxx}