EX0107 - Refuge with Fjord b2b Josh John


Tonight on Excursions we're broadcasting a b2b set from Josh John and Fjord, recorded live at Transient in June. This marks the seventh installment in our monthly collaboration with the REFUGE MUSIC YEG crew.


EX043 - The Paronomasiac


"Hi everyone, My name is Nik Kozub, aka Nik 7, aka The Paronomasiac, aka (half of) Muchias. If you don’t know me, I make music (mostly as The Paronomasiac these days), and co-run the Normals Welcome record label with my friends Jason and Dylan in the sometimes-beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (except Dylan, he moved to a fancier place). Here is a quick and dirty vinyl mix I put together for the fine folks at Excursions... mistakes ’n all creeps! It’s kinda short, some of my mixes kinda suck, but I love all these tunes and I hope you do too."

- The Paranomasiac

The Paronomasiac (that’s me!) - Chill Haze [Normals Welcome]
Rhode and Brown - St. Hippolyte [Toy Tonics]
Beesmunt Soundsystem - Simcha Riddim (Project Pablo remix) [Church]
Electronic Broadcast System - Waverunner [Pacific Rhythm]
Deetroit - untitled [Unknown Deetroit]
Waterpark - Nessie’s Revenge [unreleased]
Generation Next - Cascade [7 Days Ent.]
Rhythm Composer - Jack To The Sound [Rare Trax]
Paranoid London - Give Me The [Paranoid London]
Lucid Soul - Outbreak [Recycle]
Muchias (That’s also me! With my friend Borys!) - Papaschase Parade – [Normals Welcome]
Robert Palmer - The Silver Gun [Island}


EX042 - Soothsayr


Using radio as a catalyst for her ever growing library of booty bouncing bass music, Soothsayr aims to bring attention to underrepresented artists and genres through purposeful curation. The highly percussive, repetitive sounds of footwork and juke speak to the rhythm of her day to day routine - channeling both her anxiety and excitement into creative projects, day jobs, moonlight gigs and side hustles.

In Love With A Ghost - I Don't Know and I Don't Want to Know [Z Tapes]
CharlestheFirst - Vimoka [Goldswing Music]
DJ Taye x TASO x A.Fruit - Thinkin Bout U [Teklife] 
Mel G - Like Dat [Teklife]
Mat The Alien - Spiritual [The Footwork Jungle]
Suzi Analogue - Do U Really [nevernormalrecords]
Heroshe - Slang [Chapel Sound]
DJ Rolow - Rain [Innocuous Records] 
WSTVGHN - Thats True [Footwork Fusion 160]
DJ Rolow - Summer Air [Footwork Frenzy]
6 Day Of August - Full Moon [Unknown]
Dstrcv - Are U Still Down 4 Me ? (VIP) [Bandcamp]
Tokyo Megaplex - Pump This [Darker Than Wax]
EQ Why - Got My Mind Formatted [Bandcamp]
KRTS - Sunrise Over Warschauer [Project Mooncircle]
Arshaw - Orgreave [Balkan Kolektiv Records]
The Renegades - Searching [The Footwork Jungle]
B3no feat. Ambur Rose - Days Gone By [Balkan Kolektiv Records]
RP Boo - Azzoutof Control [Planet Mu]
Sideswipe x BSN Posse x Nikes - Catch tha Light [Iberian Juke]
WSTVGHN - Booty Bounce [Footwork Fusion 160]
DJ Chap - Float [Teklife]
Dstrcv - When I Courtin' U [Bandcamp]
Mikey J. Blige - Gain Wah [Chapel Sound]
Anna Morgan - Mi Gyal Dem [Juke Bounce Werk]
Jana Rush - SUN RA [Objects Limited]
HAI - Black Grinder [Liga Mexicana del Bass]
Bambooloo - Shadows [Smokey Crow Records]
Metafloor - Werk Thang [Bandcamp]
Ma Fuego - Fiyah Bun Dem [Ten Toes Turbo]


EX041 - Blair Van Reisen


"This mix is just a taste of how my musical style has evolved over the years, with a carefully curated selection of old and new deep house tracks. I think this is a true reflection of my current passion for house music. Sit back, relax and enjoy."

@blairvanriesen (@girlsondecks)

Lost Desert – Yume (Original Mix) [Shanti Radio Moscow]
Zoo Brazil & Per QX – Save Us (Original Mix) [Size Records]
Howling – Phases (Toto Chiavetta Colour Zero) [Innervisions]
Conjure One – Miscreant (heliotype’s Extended Balearic Bass Remix) [Armada Electronic Elements]
Thomas Gandey, Alex Kaspersky – To Find Reason (Original Mix) [Einmusika Recordings]
Nex Tone – Helix (Original Mix) [Asymmetic Dip]
Ben Ashton – Groove Section (Original Mix) [WONNEmusik]
Moon Boots – The Life Aquatic (Ian Pooley Berg Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Patrick Jeremic, C. Vogt – Vice (Original Mix) [Get Weird]
Sebastien Leger – La danse du scorpion (Original Mix) [Einmusika Recordings]
Ryan Davis – Brun (Matthias Meyer Remix) [Anjunadeep]
Animal Trainer – Pirate Games (Original Mix) [KATERMUKKE]
Sandeman – Ice (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]
Chi Thanh – Stone (Original Mix) [Off Recordings]
Just Her – Follow You Down (Oliver Schories Remix) [GU Music]


EX040 - Topology


''These tracks are close to my heart. They represent the pain and nostalgia in moving forward with our lives.''

- Topology (VRNT Sound)

Qnete - Tanning (Tanning Mix) [Wake Up! Records]
Atu x Dpat x Sango - 3 [Unreleased]
Sango - All of You (feat. Brea) [Soulection]
jjunior - Halu [Emincé]
Four Lore - Touch Me (feat. Inas) [Self Released]
Jacques Greene - Another Girl [LuckyMe]
Koji - Eyes Low [Self-Released]
Spooky Black - Reason [Self-Released]
6LACK - Prblms [LoveRenaissance x Interscope Records]
Yung Lean - Kyoto [Revenue]
21 Savage x Metro Boomin - No Heart [Self-Released]
Yung Lean - Yoshi City [Sky Team]
Four Lore - First Impressions (feat. Dannah) [Self-Released]
Dpat - Over [Soulection]
Little People - Fisticuffs At Dawn [Illicit Recordings]
Topology - What Else Do You Want Me to Say? [VRNT]
MF Doom - Orange Blossoms [Shaman Works]
The Whatnauts - I'll Erase Your Pain Away [Stang Records]
Madvillain - Pow! (Intro) [Stones Throw Records]
Clams Casino - Wassup [Self-Released]
Flamingosis - Taken [Self-Released]
Chordlust - This Time [Unreleased]
Thievery Corporation - Sweet Tides [Eighteenth Street Lounge Music]



EXR0106 - Refuge with Overland x Extra


For the sixth installment of our monthly REFUGE MUSIC YEG residency we will be broadcasting a special b2b set by Overland and Extra recorded live at Transient last month.

Tune in at 9 PM MST, and be sure to check out Smartbar Chicago's Sassmouth & Olin this Saturday at Transient 09, presented by Refuge. Contact REFUGE MUSIC YEG for more details.


Tracklist not available.

EX039 - Metafloor


"Last time I played on Excursions it was during the day at Bass Coast and I played an all dubstep set. I decided to keep this tradition going even though I am still very much focused on the half step, 170 realm. Dubstep will always be my foundation and roots for my inspiration. In This set we will explore new 140 bits from myself and others, as well as a few more surprises to keep things moving forward, always."

- Metafloor


No tracklist available.

EX038 - Sonny Chiba


"I’ve always had a love for cinema. It’s affected me a lot in the direction and tone of my music. The moment of visualization created in my head when I hear a certain song is the catalyst to me playing it and how it is arranged. Without that there is no story to tell. The full arc of this set is peaks and valleys, a culmination of my favorite selections from these past few years. I hope you enjoy the ride."

- Sonny Chiba

Jon Fay – 1271 [Mörk]
Isolée – Pisco [Maeve]
AD/D – Motorcity Sunrise [No.19 Music]
DJ Boring – 6 AM Mimosa [Let’s Play House]
Heko Laux – Souldancer (Ray Kajioka Remix) [Kanzleramt]
Fort Romeau – Away [Cin Cin]
Jonathan Kusuma – Waves Form [Bravura]
Jepe – Amaabi (Iron Curtis Remix) [Blossom Kollektiv]
Charlotte de Witte – Watching (Original Mix) [Sleaze Records]
Josh Wink – Resist (Truncate V1 Remix) [Ovum Recordings]
Ellen Allien – Stormy Memories [Bpitch Control]
Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic – Mastermind [20:20 Vision]
Glaskin – Objects [Who Whom]
Unknown Archetype – The Serpent [R&S Records]
Doms & Deykers – Bafff [3024]
Rusty Meeks – 5 (The GOAT Remix) [Substation Recordings]
CABAL -Street Anatomy (Forthcoming on Substation Recordings)
Truncate – 7_1 (12-inch Mix) [Truncate]
Delta Funktionen – Warp Drive [Radio Matrix]
Naduve & Katzele – Nein (Man Power Remix) [Rothmans]
La Fleur – Flowerhead (Cassy Remix) [Power Plant Records]
Fantastic Man – Galactic Ecstasy [Kitjen]
Prince Of Denmark – Pulsierendes Leben [Forum]


EX037 - Woodhead


"As spring settles in on the coast, there is always a point where the sun and lightness balances perfectly with the darkness and overcast. These records reflect how I was feeling while digging through my collection on such a day. Dedicated to the late Vancouver house music legend Dj Ali."
- Woodhead

Waterpark – SpeedLine Connect [Rubadub]
Octo Octa – Eyes Low [Love Notes From Brooklyn]
ESB – Finedraw Overcast [Echovolt Records]
Fresh And Low – Stay The Night [Guidance Recordings]
Laurence Guy – Wish I Knew [Church]
Carlo And Blacks Loops – Domenica [Good Ratio Music]
Slik 86 – Siberian Curls [Sneaky]
Kid Sublime – Duke’s Jack [Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!]
Florian Muller – Finally [Concrete Music]
Seb Wildblood – I Won’t [Seb Wildblood]
Mike Huckaby – The Jazz Republic [Cross Section Records]
Das Komplex – Szulgi [Love On The Rocks]
Axel Boman – Cubic Mouth [Hypercolour]

EX036 - TKL


"I started putting a playlist together when NASA announced the discovery of the TRAPPIST system, the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star. The significance of this discovery prompted me to start piecing together a concept mix inspired by the adventure, uncertainty and isolation of space exploration.
Since then my ideas as to what the concept would be has evolved. I have selected music that I find evokes a sense of curiosity and intrigue, and epitomizes the feeling of the vastness of space as my imagination does.
I hope you enjoy!"

NASA - STS-131: Sound of Launch
PTU – Intact Alef [Trip]
Perfume Advert – Spectrophilliac [Opal Tapes]
PG Sounds – Untitled [SUED]
PST & SVN – Recording 2 [Recording]
Terekke – Piano [L.I.E.S.]
Juju & Jordash – Monday Mellow [Dekmantel]
Vakula – You’ve Never Been To Konotop [Firecracker Recordings]
Prince of Denmark – Ambient 004 [Forum]
Cloudface – 612 [Going Good]
Corinthian - New History [Deep Sea Mining Syndicate]
Eecee – War [Don’t Be Afraid]
DjRum – Projection [2nd Drop Records]
Asusu – Low Art [Impasse]
Shed – The Bot [Ostgut Ton]
Objekt – Needle & Thread [Objekt]
Delano Smith – Trust In Something [Sushitech Records]
TB Arthur – TB1 B1 [Balkan Recordings]
Roman Flügel – Mice On Stick [Dekmantel]
Anthony Parasole – Murky Waters [Dekmantel UFO Series]
STL – Fade The Sun [Smallville Records]
Simo Cell – Gliding [Livity Sound]
Laksa – Lost Code [Timedance]
Blondes – Pleasure (Andy Stott Remix) [Rvng Intl.)
Alvin Aronson – Hominid [White Material]
Orson Wells – Ratio [777 Recordings]
Delta Funktionen – Challenger [Delsin]
DJ Richard – Waiting For The Green Flash [Dial]
Gunnar Haslam – He Came From The Border [L.I.E.S.]
The Black Dog – M1 [Soma Quality Recordings]
Suzanne Kraft – Missum 2:30 [Running Back]
Karen Gwyer – And Again Those Eyes [Don’t Be Afraid]
Neel – Souls On The Run [Semantica Records]
Instra:mental – Futurist [NakedLunch]
DjRum – Space Race, Pt. 1 & 2 [2nd Drop Records]
DJ Sotofett – 09-69 Intro [Laton]
DJ Shark – Cat Ears [Unknown To The Unknown]
Hoshin – Lahuta [Uxmal Records]
Studio OST – Speed City [Lustwerk Music]
Conforce – Plateau [Delsin]
Fit Siegel – Carmine [Fit Sound]
Mr. Fingers – Qwazars [Alleviated Records]
Alvin Aronson – Fog City [White Material]
Planet of the Apes (1968) – Opening Scene

EXR0105 - Refuge with Extra


10 Foot Ballerina - Sogoni Kalimba (Traumer long vision) [Mawimbi/ 2016]
Mike Parker - Inversion 6 (Donato Dozzy remix) [Geophone / 2008]
The Parallel - Symmetrical [Balans / 2011]
Amandra - Volques (Evigt Mörker edit) [Ahrpe / 2016]
Confused House - Machine in your station [Confused House / 2013]
HVL - Elegance in the Chaos [Bassiani / 2016]
Version - Nothing Dub [Miso / 2011]
Rich Jones - Solstice [Soma / 2013]
Walt J - Reborn 1 (DJ Qu Journey toward birth) [Curle / 2010]
Traumer - Chord X [Desolat / 2014]
Sascha Rydell - Tout le Monde [Fachwerk / 2012]
Reflec - Pad Acid [Lobster Theremin / 2015]
NX1_01 - 01 [NX1 / 2011]
Marco Shuttle - Masay Lama [Eerie / 2014]
Petter B - Mondo [Parabel / 2016]
Ugandan Methods - The Sixth Method [Ancient Methods / 2012]
Joey Beltram - The Grey [X-Sight / 1994]
Extra - Consume [Unreleased]
P.E.A.R.L. - Ordeal [Planet Rhythm / 2014]
Roman Lindau - Sub Suggestion [Fachwerk / 2011]
Bee Mask - Unripe Pears (Abdulla Rashim Remix) [Pear Growers / 2013]
Planetary Assault Systems - Rip The Cut [Ostgut Ton / 2011]
Prince of Denmark - Untitled [Giegling / 2012]
Ben Sims - Smoke and Mirrors [Drumcode / 2011]
Deepchord - Luxury 3 [Soma / 2014]
Barker and Baumecker - Love is a Battlefield [Ostgut Ton / 2014]



"This mix emulates the feeling of an intimate room, filled with freedom of expression and interpretation of sound. I'm at a conflicting place musically where I'm leaving myself open to explore new concepts and ideas though songs and mixing styles I might not normally experiment with. This mix is very free form for me and was extremely fun to make."
- Silkq (New Wave)

Mike Slott – Testing Ground [LuckyMe Records] 
Cueboyd – The Overground
Vassh – help u.. 
TÂCHES – Where The Clouds End
Lil Uzi Vert – XO TOUR LIF3 [Atlantic Records]
Sanctums – Tongue, Teth, Lips (Shayne Hotton Remix) 
Acote – Turns [Modern Math]
Bwana - Choice & Consequence [LuckyMe Records]
Novelist x Mumdance – 1 Sec (Smokey Bubblin’ B’s 2 Step Mix) [XL Recordings]
Pascäal – Hunna [Vresh]
Dpat & Atu – Nothing Here [Soulection]
Boyan x Creepa – What Goes Around [ZenSupremacy]
Tibe – Hey (ft. Senojnayr) 
Lotus – Waves [645980 Records DK]
Electric Mantis – Day Break [Cherry Drop Records]
AJ Tracey – Pasta [My Team Paid]
DRIPPIN – Memory Foam [Lit City Trax]
Baauer – Body (SKULS RIP) 
Silkq – You To Know [unreleased]
Jacques Greene – Afterglow [LuckyMe Records]
Lil Durk ft Yo Gotti – Money Walk (Dirty) 
X&G – Fetch (feat. Josh Pan) 
Promnite – Holiday (feat. Tsuruda) 
Silkq – Temples [unreleased]
Silkq – Dark Blue [unreleased]

EX034 - GSD


"I've had a rough year and have often turned to music that made me feel better to get through it. This mix is full of some of those songs and hopefully they will make you groove and feel better if you're in the mood to headbutt someone through a window or put your head into the bath and scream your face off.

Also, I haven't made a proper mix in a few years, so this was a real pleasure to dive into and work on for a few weeks. It was a really nice change from my regular music projects I've been involved with the past couple years. 

Thanks Excursions!"

Total Contrast – Takes a Little Time [London Records]
Thelma Houston – You Used to Hold Me So Tight (12” Version) [MCA Records]
BB & Q Band – On the Shelf [In Your Face]
Alexander O’Neal – Criticize (Critical Edit) [Tabu Records]
Colonel Abrams – I’m Not Gonna Let You [MCA Records]
David Joseph – Can’t Hide Your Love From Me (12” Version) [Mango Records]
L J Reynolds – Trust in Me [Capitol Records]
T.C. Curtis – You Should Have Known Better [Sire Records]
Harry Mosco – Sexy Dancer [Samba Records]
Bohannon – Let’s Start to Dance Again [Friends Records]
Spargo – You and Me (GSD’s Fast & Friendly Edit) [Lark]
Bumblebee Unlimited - Lady Bug (John Morales Mix) [RCA Victor]
Syreeta – Out the Box [Motown]
Zinga – Back Up for Love [My Disc Records]
Ingram - Mi Sabrina Tequana (My Sister's Daughter) [H & L Records]
Dr. Buzzard - Whispering- Cherchez La Femme (Se Si Bon) [RCA Victor]
Veno – Nigeria Go Survive [Tabansi]
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes – Today’s your Lucky Day [London Records]
Greg Perry – It Takes Heart [Alfa]

EX033 - CL


"This mix was recorded in one take in front of an audience in a Toronto club. It's mostly of old school jungle records from the UK released between 1993-1996, with a couple of newer tracks from this year. As a DJ who largely plays a mix of early 90s house, electro, and breaks, and someone who enjoys the freedom of not being restricted to a particular style, it was exciting to break out of my regimen and do something different. I had been preparing to do a set like this for a while and I'm happy with how it turned out... I think I captured the energy of the night. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed playing it."
- CL

Boymerang - Rules [Leaf]
Source Direct - Future London [Odysee Records]
Photek - The Rain [Metalheadz]
DJ Harmony & Xtreme - Boo [Section 5]
DJ Tonic - Keep It Real [Lucky Spin Recordings]
Oblivion - Lush [Street Beats]
Photek - Consciousness [Metalheadz]
Alex Reece & Wax Doctor - Frequency [Radioactive Kids]
DJ Nut Nut - Big Tings (The Dream) [Rough Tone Recordings]
Baraka - I'll Be There [Boogie Beat Records]
DJ Guy - Black & White [Organic Analogue Record]
Intense - Space Time Continuem [Rugged Vinyl Records]
Forest Drive West - Jungle Crack [Rupture London]
DJ Trax - High Time (Nookie Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Dillinja & Mystery - Deep Love [Logic Productions]
B.L.I.M. - Their Culture [Emotif Recordings]
Tom & Jerry - Airfreshner [Tom & Jerry]
Lemon D - I Can't Stop [V Recordings]
DJ Peshay - Represent [Metalheadz]
D. Futers - Never Givin' Up [Natural Sciences]
DJ Shark - Cat Ears [Unknown to the Unknown]
Tom & Jerry - Still Lets Me Down [Tom & Jerry]
Source Direct - Stars [Odysee Records]
Fast Floor - Timeless [Smooth Recordings]


EXR0104 - Refuge with Fjord


"I'm pleased to herald the coming of spring with this mix of favorites, both new and old, for excursions.fm. A strictly vinyl affair, this mix represents a year in the life as I reflect back on a year of making parties and memories happen with my ever-inspiring REFUGE MUSIC YEG brethren. In a year full of unrest, they have helped to bring form to the chaos and to continually enrich my life with music as the guiding force. The mix captures a moment in time, however fleeting. I hope you find something to take from it."
- Fjord

Willow - Untitled [Workshop / 2016]
Unknown Artist - Untitled [AC-EXP / 2015]
Map.ache - Message From Myself [Giegling / 2015]
Pjotr - True Spirit [Udacha / 2013]
Vincenzo - Peace Is Not The Word To Play (Don Disco Mix) [Dessous Recordings / 1999]
The Poor Knight - My Baby Drives Me Home [Cabinet Records / 1999]
Dorisburg - Gloson [Hivern Discs / 2016]
Brutal Bill - Plasma Energy (Hypno Mix) [City Limits / 1991]
Nail - A Good Bra [Strictly 4 Groovers / 1996]
Callisto - Need Ur Love (Stalagmite Mix) [Guidance Recordings / 1997]
Lapien - In The Dark [Mistress Recordings / 2016]
Larry Heard - Freaky (Chaos) [Guidance Recordings / 1997]
Mr. G - Crumple Zone [Bass Culture Records / 2016]
Christopher Rau - Weird Alps [Smallville Records / 2012]
Paul Mac - You Realize [Immigrant / 2000]
Ron & Chez D - Don't Try It [KMS / 1994]
Sergio Moreira - P-202 [Slow Life / 2013]
DJ Normal 4 - Purity 0% [Klasse Wrecks / 2016]

EX032 - DJ Dine and Dash


"Starting off with some of my disco records and leading in to lofi house, this mix summarizes my inspiration for making music this year. Check it!"
- DJ Dine & Dash

Makoto Matsushita - This Is All I Have For You [Moon Records]
Gwen Guthrie - It Should Have Been You [Island Records]
Fresh Band - Come Back Lover (Dub Mix) [Are'n Be Records]
Plush - Free And Easy [RCA Victor]
Alkaline  Trio- This Could Be Love [Vagrant Records]
Mall Grab - Orange County [Shall Not Fade]
DJ Dine And Dash - Celebrate [Unreleased]
Demuja - Before [Bandcamp]
Liam - If Only [Unreleased]
Interstate - Dance Halal [Unreleased]
Frits Wanting - If I Was To Gravy You [Heist]
Neue Grafik- Blanche [Beat x Changers]
Letherette - Rayon  [Ninja Tune]
Mike Dunn Presents the Md X-Press - God Made Me Phunky (Original Mix) [Nite Stuff]
Mall Grab - Menace II Society [Unknown to the Unknown]
Adryiano - On My Side [Soul Notes]
NY Stomp - The NY House Trak [Illusion Recordings]
Machine - There But For The Grace Of God Go I [RCA Victor]

EX031 - Tamera Daun


"This is the sound that is spreading through Eastern Europe's underground club culture. The mix focuses on atmosphere and the breakbeat and the selections are some of the dreamiest and darkest electro & acid of my collection. 
I feel that the sounds represent the epitome of escapism from where I come from and in our current, bleak worldwide political climate. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do."
- Tamera Daun

Dima’s Totalitarian Intro
Ø - Atomit (Niels Bohr Edit) [Pi Recordings]
Umwelt - Subterranen bases [Shipwreck]
Sync24 - Resynth (Truss remix) [Ce Digi]
Morphology - Nucleosynthesis [AC Records]
Dj Stingray 313 - eRbB4 (Kon001 Remix) [Lower Parts Records]
Plant43 - Gj 121 4b [Cultivated Electronics]
Artefakt - The Final Theory [Field Records]
Boston168 - Acid morning [Enemy Records]
Dopplereffect - Porno Actress [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
214 - Ektes [Frustrated Funk]
Hardfloor - The life we choose (E.R.P. Remix) [Hardfloor]
Versalife - Tales of unexpected [Clone West Coast Series] 
Vc-118a - Sepia [AC Records]
Deftones - Pink cellphone [Maverick Records]

EXR0103 - Refuge with Josh John


"A journey through some deep and heavy techno favorites from the last couple of years. I Hope you find them as powerful as I do. Thanks for listening"
- Josh John

The Lost Kid - Weighing Our Lies (Original Mix) [Proper Trax]
Deepchild - Gnade Und Vergessen (Echologist Dub) [Affin]
Greencross - Dimensional (Adam Jays Four Dimensions Mix) [Different Is Different]
Conforce - First Impressions (Original Mix) [Delsin]
Viers - Hiroshi Kano [Church]
Nick Hoppner - Seaweed (Deadbeats Fireweed Mix) [Echocord Colour]
Ed Davenport - More Life (Original Mix) [Counterchange]
Bleak - Ekko (Original Mix) [Deeply Rooted House]
Delano Smith - Lost In Detroit (Original Mix) [Apparel Music]
Martyn ft The Space Ape (Ben Klock Remix) [3024]
Skudge - Ontic (Original Mix) [Skudge]
Mr G - Transient (Original Mix) [Bass Culture]
Roberto Bosco - Charming Noise (Original Mix) [Figure SPC]
Forsce/ Emerge  - Lumi (Inland Version) [Counterchange]
Albert Van Abbe - Exhibit A (Original Mix) [VANABBE]
Moodymann - On My Way Home (Original Mix) [Peacefrog]
Fold - Lennys Jam (Original Mix) [Aus Music]
Steffi - Hard Hitting Horizon (Original Mix) [Play Me]

EX030 - Silent Partner




"Come along on a spacey journey through ambient soundscapes." 
- Silent Partner

Neel- Post Landing [Spectrum Spools]
Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp- Morphing Cloud [Fax +49-69/450464]
Donato Dozzy & Nuel- Aqua 5 [Spectrum Spools]
Pete Namlook & New Composers- Russian Spring pt.10 [Psychonavigation]
Patrick Cowley- Mockingbird Dream 2 [Dark Entries]
Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp- Interscape [Harvest]
Gunnar Haslam- Incidental Magnetics [L.I.E.S]
Second Woman- 400425cc2 [Spectrum Spools]
Pete Namlook & New Composers- Russian Spring pt.09 [Psychonavigation]
Peter Van Hoesen- Heliotrope [Music 4 Your Legs]
Gunnar Haslam- Nameless [L.I.E.S]
Koss- Kokoro [Music 4 your Legs]
Buckminster Fuzeboard- Local Tone [Psychonavigation]
Pete Namlook & David Moufang- Montage 4 [Fax +49-69/450464]
Fred P & Jonah Sharp- Substance [Music 4 Your Legs]
Dimitar Dodovsky- Conversation [Databloem]

EX029 by Anokha


"Bleep.com is an online music store focusing on the independent music sector. Created by Warp Records in 2004, Bleep was one of the UK's first legal music download businesses and the ONLY one to originate from within the music industry.

Since its launch, the range of music offered by Bleep has grown and now provides music from independent labels including Rough Trade, Domino Recording Company, Beggars Banquet, One Little Indian Records, XL Recordings, Ninja Tune, Stones Throw Records, Hyperdub Records, Planet Mu (OFFICIAL), and many more. In addition, a large catalog of rare titles has been acquired from many small labels from all over the world.

For this mix, I've combed through Bleep's annual "The Top 100 Tracks" from 2009 through 2016, including their 04-14 special, and will showcase some of my favorite selections.

The range is expansive - from ambient, experimental and dance through to rap, bass, soul and everything in between. So relax and join me for an excursion through Bleep!"
- Anokha

Jo Johnson - Ancestral Footsteps [Further Records]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Boring Angel [Warp Records]
Hudson Mohawke - Overnight [Warp Records]
Teeth - Shawty [502 Recordings]
Auntie Flo - I Want to Blow Your Mind [Huntleys & Palmers]
Andy Stott - Damage [Modern Love]
Zomby - Bloom [XL Recordings]
AFX - serge fenix Rendered 2 [Warp Records]
Richard Skelton - Threads Across the River [Sustain-Release]
Motor City Drum Ensemble - L.O.V.E. (Kyle Hall Remix) [Studio !K7]
William Onyeabor - Good Name [Luaka Bop]
Tame Impala - Apocalypse Dreams [Modular Recordings]
L-Vis 1990 - Forever You (Dub) [Night slugs]
Juju & Jordash - Powwow [Dekmantel]
Pearson Sound - WAD [Hessle Audio]
Clark - Unfurla [Warp Records]
Mike Dehnert - Framework [Delsin]
Lone - Coreshine Voodoo [R&S Records]
Krystal Klear - Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Remix) [All City Records]
Floating Points - Shark Chase [Eglo Records]
Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds [Wagon Repair]
King Midas Sound & Fennesz - Above Water [Ninja Tune]
Holden - Gone Feral [Border Community]