"As spring settles in on the coast, there is always a point where the sun and lightness balances perfectly with the darkness and overcast. These records reflect how I was feeling while digging through my collection on such a day. Dedicated to the late Vancouver house music legend Dj Ali."
- Woodhead

Waterpark – SpeedLine Connect [Rubadub]
Octo Octa – Eyes Low [Love Notes From Brooklyn]
ESB – Finedraw Overcast [Echovolt Records]
Fresh And Low – Stay The Night [Guidance Recordings]
Laurence Guy – Wish I Knew [Church]
Carlo And Blacks Loops – Domenica [Good Ratio Music]
Slik 86 – Siberian Curls [Sneaky]
Kid Sublime – Duke’s Jack [Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!]
Florian Muller – Finally [Concrete Music]
Seb Wildblood – I Won’t [Seb Wildblood]
Mike Huckaby – The Jazz Republic [Cross Section Records]
Das Komplex – Szulgi [Love On The Rocks]
Axel Boman – Cubic Mouth [Hypercolour]