''These tracks are close to my heart. They represent the pain and nostalgia in moving forward with our lives.''

- Topology (VRNT Sound)

Qnete - Tanning (Tanning Mix) [Wake Up! Records]
Atu x Dpat x Sango - 3 [Unreleased]
Sango - All of You (feat. Brea) [Soulection]
jjunior - Halu [Emincé]
Four Lore - Touch Me (feat. Inas) [Self Released]
Jacques Greene - Another Girl [LuckyMe]
Koji - Eyes Low [Self-Released]
Spooky Black - Reason [Self-Released]
6LACK - Prblms [LoveRenaissance x Interscope Records]
Yung Lean - Kyoto [Revenue]
21 Savage x Metro Boomin - No Heart [Self-Released]
Yung Lean - Yoshi City [Sky Team]
Four Lore - First Impressions (feat. Dannah) [Self-Released]
Dpat - Over [Soulection]
Little People - Fisticuffs At Dawn [Illicit Recordings]
Topology - What Else Do You Want Me to Say? [VRNT]
MF Doom - Orange Blossoms [Shaman Works]
The Whatnauts - I'll Erase Your Pain Away [Stang Records]
Madvillain - Pow! (Intro) [Stones Throw Records]
Clams Casino - Wassup [Self-Released]
Flamingosis - Taken [Self-Released]
Chordlust - This Time [Unreleased]
Thievery Corporation - Sweet Tides [Eighteenth Street Lounge Music]