Using radio as a catalyst for her ever growing library of booty bouncing bass music, Soothsayr aims to bring attention to underrepresented artists and genres through purposeful curation. The highly percussive, repetitive sounds of footwork and juke speak to the rhythm of her day to day routine - channeling both her anxiety and excitement into creative projects, day jobs, moonlight gigs and side hustles.

In Love With A Ghost - I Don't Know and I Don't Want to Know [Z Tapes]
CharlestheFirst - Vimoka [Goldswing Music]
DJ Taye x TASO x A.Fruit - Thinkin Bout U [Teklife] 
Mel G - Like Dat [Teklife]
Mat The Alien - Spiritual [The Footwork Jungle]
Suzi Analogue - Do U Really [nevernormalrecords]
Heroshe - Slang [Chapel Sound]
DJ Rolow - Rain [Innocuous Records] 
WSTVGHN - Thats True [Footwork Fusion 160]
DJ Rolow - Summer Air [Footwork Frenzy]
6 Day Of August - Full Moon [Unknown]
Dstrcv - Are U Still Down 4 Me ? (VIP) [Bandcamp]
Tokyo Megaplex - Pump This [Darker Than Wax]
EQ Why - Got My Mind Formatted [Bandcamp]
KRTS - Sunrise Over Warschauer [Project Mooncircle]
Arshaw - Orgreave [Balkan Kolektiv Records]
The Renegades - Searching [The Footwork Jungle]
B3no feat. Ambur Rose - Days Gone By [Balkan Kolektiv Records]
RP Boo - Azzoutof Control [Planet Mu]
Sideswipe x BSN Posse x Nikes - Catch tha Light [Iberian Juke]
WSTVGHN - Booty Bounce [Footwork Fusion 160]
DJ Chap - Float [Teklife]
Dstrcv - When I Courtin' U [Bandcamp]
Mikey J. Blige - Gain Wah [Chapel Sound]
Anna Morgan - Mi Gyal Dem [Juke Bounce Werk]
Jana Rush - SUN RA [Objects Limited]
HAI - Black Grinder [Liga Mexicana del Bass]
Bambooloo - Shadows [Smokey Crow Records]
Metafloor - Werk Thang [Bandcamp]
Ma Fuego - Fiyah Bun Dem [Ten Toes Turbo]