"Hi everyone, My name is Nik Kozub, aka Nik 7, aka The Paronomasiac, aka (half of) Muchias. If you don’t know me, I make music (mostly as The Paronomasiac these days), and co-run the Normals Welcome record label with my friends Jason and Dylan in the sometimes-beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (except Dylan, he moved to a fancier place). Here is a quick and dirty vinyl mix I put together for the fine folks at Excursions... mistakes ’n all creeps! It’s kinda short, some of my mixes kinda suck, but I love all these tunes and I hope you do too."

- The Paranomasiac

The Paronomasiac (that’s me!) - Chill Haze [Normals Welcome]
Rhode and Brown - St. Hippolyte [Toy Tonics]
Beesmunt Soundsystem - Simcha Riddim (Project Pablo remix) [Church]
Electronic Broadcast System - Waverunner [Pacific Rhythm]
Deetroit - untitled [Unknown Deetroit]
Waterpark - Nessie’s Revenge [unreleased]
Generation Next - Cascade [7 Days Ent.]
Rhythm Composer - Jack To The Sound [Rare Trax]
Paranoid London - Give Me The [Paranoid London]
Lucid Soul - Outbreak [Recycle]
Muchias (That’s also me! With my friend Borys!) - Papaschase Parade – [Normals Welcome]
Robert Palmer - The Silver Gun [Island}