On2 is a musical endeavor consisting of Profclarke (AKA Dean Clarke), from Edmonton and grew up in Calgary and Fluxo (aka Ryan Benn), originally from TO and grew up in the Kootenays. 

What was your intention with your Excursions mix?

Doing this mix for the Excursions crew was an honor for us because we truly enjoy what they're putting out. Their good vibes and inspiring selection keep us coming back.

How did you go about selecting the music?

With this mix we wanted to share what we're feelin’. We like introducing people to new sounds. When people go off, we're happy that we could paint yet another beautiful tune on the canvas.

Our track selections are always from the heart. We play songs that we love and we hope that you'll come along for the ride.

What was the last show that surprised you?

Profclarke: Ivy Lab at Shambala was amazing and seeing them alongside great people was the hit!
Fluxo : Baja Ajax at Oregon Eclipse Festival.

Who, or what were your early passions and influences?

Profclarke: My father was the one who showed me the light and the older cats in my life did too. Guys like Leroy Hutson, Roy Ayers, Dilla, SA RA, Bugz in the Attic and Mark de Clive Lowe were all very important in my life.

Who, or what inspires you today?

Fluxo : The ability to zone out in the dig and find music that moves me. Then to share it with others is a blessed lifestyle. This is what inspires me about today :)

Any advice for up and comers who want to contribute to their community?

Profclarke: Do you and be true!!



Paul White - The Composer’s Come Back [One-Handed Music]
Paper Tiger - Insert Coins [What Now Becomes]
Zackey Force Funk - RND 1 [Hit+Run]
Juies Chaz - 93 Million Miles [Wagon Repair Ltd.]
Kastle - It’s About Us [Symbols Recordings]
Children of Zeus - Still Standing [First World Records]
Wayne Snow - Rosie [Tartelet Records]
Boats - Rollo [NFP001]
Thane - Gravity feat. Jay Stones [626448 Records]
Ricky Blaze - Apart feat. Alexus Rose [FME Recordings]
Ig Culture - Take it there (instrumental)
Buttering Trio - Go Away [Raw Tapes]
Neon June - Fela kuti (prod.rvdical the kid)[self released]
BLDG5 - Totemo - Opposite of Charme (Mo Kolors Dub rework)[self released]
Mndsgn - Cosmic Perspective [Stones Throw]
Lopez - Lines
Dragon Suplex - First Kiss (Joeblack 'Boogie' Remix)[Mullet Records]
Mo Kolors - Mike Black [One-Handed Music]
Thriftworks - Monkey On My Back [self released]
Kenlo Croqnote - Facteur Humidex
E.L.Q. - the 208
Surface - Girls Were Made To Love [Legacy Recordings]
Girls of the internet - When U Go [Soul Heaven Recordings]
Gina Breeze - Reckless [Classic Music Company]
Dj Slugo - High off ur Love [KMG Music]
Dj Slugo - Im High Than A MF [Blok Club DJs Inc]
Steve Spacek - Compact n Sleep [Ninja Tune]
Ago - Zero Shift [Innamind Recordings]
Wen - It's Alot [Keysound Recordings]
Mo Kolours - Mike Black [One-Handed Music]
Clicks and Whistles - Hello [self released]
Khromi - Trials [Cut Records]
Khromi - Zephyr [Cut Records]
Buck UK - Rain [Cut Records]
Dj Vadim - The Harp Song [Ninja Tune]
Letherette - Ear Diss [Wulf]