Broadcasted on November 2, 2017

“This recording is a collection of music obtained through influential experiences, discoveries and friends over this past year travelling, hosting events at Transient and living in Edmonton. The selections emphasize attention to detail in production/recording techniques, introspective/deep/melancholic vibes and hi-tek rhythmic structure. This 2 hour mix captures an array of ambient, experimental, IDM, dub, techno, electro, jungle, ghetto tech and hip hop recorded in Edmonton, Alberta."
- Fraser (@fraser.cdn)

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Jungle Is A Shapeshifter [Hospital Productions]
Uon - Zlo [Motion Ward]
Money Morning - Haze [Acting Press]
Soramimi - Stellium In Sapphire [Dusk Notes]
Analog~1 - Arpeggiator (Reduced) [Furthur Electronix]
Uon - SuB1 [Motion Ward]
Radius - Etherscapes (cv313 reshape) [Echospace Detroit]
cv313 - Luna Petra (vinyl remaster) [Echospace Detroit]
Radius - The Advent of Babylon (1996 original 12” mix) [Echospace Detroit]
Buttechno - Warm Wind [Gost Zvuk]
Perfume Advert - Rotted Out [1080p]
Mohalo - Anamorphic Canvas [Other Heights]
Machine Woman - I Can Mend Your Broken Heart [Where To Now?]
Thor, Sanasol - Mjuk Brjost [Connaisseur Recordings]
Ad Vanz vs. Gescom - Viral [FatCat Records]
Via App - From Across The Room [Tresor]
Hisingen Electro - Global Power Game [Stilleben Records]
CEM3340 - Hygiea [Lunar Orbiter Program]
Оптические Иллюзии - A1 [ГОСТ ЗВУК]
Roger 23 - Output [No Suit Records]
Demdike Stare - Overstaying [Modern Love]
Patricia - Learned Behaviour [Sleeperhold Publications]
Pollen - Lost Souls [Scopex Records]
CEM3340 - Sedna [Lunar Orbiter Program]
Skee Mask - Koppelberg Chant [Ilian Tape]
214 - Programs On The Move [Frustrated Funk]
The Advent - Funkage [Internal]
Vtgnike - Mofeel [ГОСТ ЗВУК]
Skee Mask - Skreet Lvl Dub [Ilian Tape]
Kid Lib - Political Broadcast [Kid Lib]
Dj Di’jital - Final Frontier [Rawax]
Nick Speed - Untitled [Not On Label]
Patricia - Diminished Feeling [Sleeperhold Publications]
Nick Speed - Untitled [Not On Label]