"A prominent figure in the Edmonton Electronic music scene, Orlesko has been making waves from across Western Canada, Burning Man, Amsterdam, Germany and back. With roots in techno and an emphasis in atmospheric, organic, and world sounds, Orlesko's mastery of vinyl in a live set is nothing short of engrossing. A connoisseur of soundscape design, Orlesko's sound will groove you, move you and keep you engaged, beginning, middle, and end."

Words from Korean Budosh Bachi.


Tell us about the session recorded for

Perfect, yes this was a lot of fun! Very thankful for this opportunity. Keeping true to when I first started playing records, this mix is all vinyl. Lots of beauties in there. Took me into a trance, I had those memories of being lost in sound surrounded by people as the lights are piercing through the darkness of big clubs like Ibiza’s Space or Amnesia. Maybe the last stage of the night is closing at a festival or the sun is rising and people faces are start to show, glasses on… haha.. that kind of feeling. I love to take the listener on a sound story. Hopefully you get taken for a short ride. Thanks again! Love and respect.


Who, or what, were your early passions and influences?

I remember in the early 2000’s how the techno sound from Italy had such a groovy yet slamming style. This is just after my whirl wind affair with the trance institutions like Gatecrasher and Slinky from the UK, so you have to remember that the BPM was pretty fast, high energy tracks, and a hi end massacre for your ears, yeah… (haha), that was fun. Records now that are collecting mounds of dust… artist like Picotto, Carola, Cerrone; were pumping out tunes on labels like Alchemy, BXR, Zenit, Rilis, Analytic Trail, or Conform. Probably all obscure stuff to the average house and techno pursuer, but I LOVED that stuff back then. It definitely had an impact on what shaped my current music selections.


Who, or what inspires you today?

Romania. Love what they are doing there in the realm of house and techno. Vibrant night life with lots of engagement from the public who may not have anything to do with music other than for the simple sake of enjoyment. Today I’m rolling along with the hypnotic, repetitive, and much slower pace that usually only the heads enjoy most, yet it’s been an interesting refinement of the four:four genre. After my first trip to Bucharest, I saw first-hand what a night or few nights in a row should look like or festival timeline. 2015 was my first time to Romania, I’d been to Germany (North and South), Holland, Switzerland, Ibiza, but nothing compared to Romania. The feeling you had after seven, eight, nice hours of dancing straight, was legendary. The people were solely there for the music and not completely gooned on whatever drug they could find. It was refreshing. Kind of that was nostalgic epilogue revealed after so many years… “this is how it’s supposed to be!” 


What are you working on now? What’s next?

So here I am in Edmonton, living in a completely different listening culture. Not to sound depressing in the slightest; this country still has potential, it’s just that we have such a small demographic and population to fulfill those dreams that the underground electronic hearts live in Europe or Asia. 

In the meantime, I write tunes on Ableton with minimal analog gear. Love that DAW and planning to release a full album by 2018. Have a few tracks mastered and few on the way, you know how it goes, always trying to make or find the time to create and usually slower that you’d expect if you’re a detailed creative. But regardless, it’s a labour of love, it’s an essential part of my life. Creating. Whatever the medium we use, it’s the essence of life. Humans crave it…. well at least this human.

John Levy ‎- Rituals of The Drukpa Order from Thimpu And Punakha [Lyrichord]
Yaroslav Lenzyak - Inertia [Sleep Is Commercial]
Herck - Luminiscente Proprii [Curtea Veche]
DeWalta - Causality [Amphia]
Halo Varga - Future (Jaffa Surfa Remix) [All Inn]
Ricardo Villalobos - Subpad [a:rpia:r]
V.I.C.A.R.I. - Icantthellpit [Black Box Records]
Unknown Artist - N/A 2 [Not On Label]
The Black Pony Orchestra - 00# funk [The Black Pony Orchestra]
Ana Poiesis - Inferior Interior [Motion Sequence]
Exos - Citrit [Thule Records]
Unknown Artist - Cookie Jar [Curtea Vecha]
Unknown Artist - Sun [QNQN]
AG - Metamorphosis Part 2 [Osloground]
Sepp - Cavalerul Kurd [Antrakt]
Pershka - Cobra [Susur]
Villa h2h - Conspiracy Two [Perlon]
G76 - Avian Geometric [Nervmusic Records]
Gera Taraman - Purpur [Propaganda Records]
Vualitron - Smokecheck Five [Tver]
Mountain People - Mountain011.2 (Makcim & Levi Remix) [Mountain People]
DeWalta - Gravitation [Amphia]
Brian Eno - Reflection [Warp Records]
Haramia Tapes - Harper [Apollo]