I’m Alex Naylor (Mother Mary)

I chose the name as a queer reinterpretation of my family’s Catholic background. I was born and raised on Treaty 7 territory, in Moh’kins’tsis (Calgary), with brief stints in, and a strong affinity for, the city of Toronto.

I love my hometown, I love our community here, and I’ll always be thankful to the people who built our electronic music scene and continue to push its momentum forward. I’m also aware that we need to work tirelessly to save it from corporate destruction and backwards thinking, so that’s something I like to work alongside friends to contribute to.

Some of the places and spaces where I direct energy toward that goal are as a radio DJ and podcast producer at CJSW (where I have a weekly music show and a monthly queer interview podcast), as scheduling coordinator with Calgary PartySafe (a peer-to-peer harm reduction collective), as a resident DJ with the RENDER crew at Habitat Living Sound, as co-producer of the SKEEN parties (which I run alongside the residents of the infamous Flamingo house), and right here as part of the team.

When I was starting to DJ, I remember reading an interview with Tijana T and she said, “No matter the genre, no matter the tempo, before putting that record in a record bag or file on a stick ask yourself this: do I love this piece of music? Does every single bar resonate with me?” That advice has stuck with me as I try to patch together my disparate musical loves (downtempo, ambient, percussive house, deep techno, and, more recently, electro) into a personal sound.

What was your intention for your Excursions mix? How did you go about selecting music?

This mix is a live recording (props to Mark Adam for the mastering job!) from a midnight set from the 2018 New Year’s Eve party at the Transient space in Edmonton. For anyone who hasn’t attended one of their parties, it has to be experienced and I won’t try to describe it here. I brought a mix of rough electro, lighthearted breakbeats and straight-ahead techno. As those who have heard the rationale behind my radio show Silent Disco will know, I am always focused on selecting a healthy amount of tracks made by women and non-binary producers, as well as showcasing the talents of queer producers and artists of colour because they form the historical and current backbone of the music we love.

Who, or what, inspires you today?

Sandro Petrillo is a big influence on me, both musically and in his passion for the groundwork behind the magic of a good party. He brings together the seemingly separate elements of the ethereal and the technical to create events that allow for important dancefloor experiences and meetings between people. I know so many people in our scene met each other at Modern Math parties, and I owe a lot of my current involvement in the Calgary scene to folks I met and experiences I had at the Northern Lights Wednesday nights at Hifi Club.

Currently, I draw a lot of inspiration from Kendra Scanlon (Soothsayr) because my experiences working with her have shown me that attention to detail, a lot of hard work, and the right conversation at the right time can make amazing shit happen. Ryan Baker (Jack Ryan) is the same way—how does he have the time to do it all so well? Everyone else on the Excursions team: you’re such a delight to work with. Kris Boekestyn (Chordlust) is generous, patient, and incredibly talented. Mirical MacDonald (PartySafe) is one of the harm reduction pillars of our city and she does so much behind-the-scenes work to keep our scene healthy and safe—without her we’d be lost! Leigh-Anne, Isis and Krista and their Ten Percent project have been really grounding for femme DJs in our city in the past year. Cody Freele (Sonny Chiba) was a huge welcoming force to me into this scene, and the generosity and skill with which he unifies the dancefloor continues to amaze me. Shouts to Catfish the Slim, JustJamal and all Wizardpalace affiliates for getting so many people started in creative practices. And of course, Dino Dobosic (Tamera Daun), Calgary’s official Croatian electro-representative, has influenced my taste a ton and it’s been awesome to work with him on the SKEEN parties.

I see the work of ravers, DJs and promoters who have built our scene to what it is, and I appreciate all they’ve done to get us to where we are… there is so much potential for the future in Calgary and I’m excited to continue to invest in it.



Steffi - Different Entities [Ostgut Ton]
Spacetravel - Galactic [Time Passages]
Classroom - Traumer [GETTRAUM]
Feel Me - Willow [Workshop]
Darling Farah - Body (Jimmy Edgar Remix) - [Civil Music]
2 Bit Crew - Baaam (PH1 Workdub) - [2 Bit Crew]
Paleman - All Good [Fulcrum]
Omar-S - Solely Supported [FXHE]
Lady Blacktronika - Very Strange [Sound Black]
Mr. G - You In Or You Out (Ben Sims Jacker Edit) [Phoenix G.]
Simo Cell - How Do U Turn This On - [Livity Sound]
or:la - Wendy Wild [Hotflush]
Model 500 - Techno Music (M500 Version) [R&S]
The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me [Warp]
London Modular Alliance - Lucid [Hypercolour]
Wilhelm - Reverie [Oscilla]
Traumer - Lost In Capsule [GETTRAUM]
Hiver - Egeo [Kann]
Fred P - 6AM [Secretsundaze]
Mr. C - Master of the Universe [Superfreq]
The Rattler Proxy - Follow (Khidja Remix) [Lurid]
Reptant - Hydrax [Tomahawk]
Chordlust - Dialup [Unreleased]
Peggy Gou - Six O Six [Phonica White]
Ivy Barkakati - Manipulate Me [Unreleased]
Deadbeat - My Rotten Roots [BLKRTZ]
Hiver - Leisure [Curle]
Skee Mask - Fjorward Flex Dub [Ilian Tape]
Special Request - Amnesia [XL]
S. Moreira - My Reality [Slow Life]
DMX Krew - I Won’t Forget [Spectral Sound]
Young Marco - The Best I Could Do (With What I Had) [Dekmantel]
Ciel - Electrical Encounters [Peach Discs]
Maayan Nidam - Harmonious Funk [Cadenza]