I’m Flandez, a music producer and deejay living in Montréal. I was born in Winnipeg and later moved to Chile at the age of 10. Experiencing this change in the pre-internet era had me see and understand the uniqueness of each city, the richness of each culture. As I find of most music coming out of Chile, our folkloric heritage is the re occurring theme that represents the backbone of the rhythms and soul of our compositions.

At the present moment I’ve been mostly influenced by minimal styles of many musical genres. Montreal is an amazing city filled by a rich self-respecting musical scene. As for where I fit is mostly with a crowd more interested in Minimal House. Less is more.
Something special about this city are our snowfalls that hit us storm after storm. It is in this context that I prepared for something that would give me pleasure to listen both while chilling indoors or at a more artistic intimate party venue where bass and soundscapes are sought out. Slowly and without thinking I had gathered throughout the years some records that would bring me into a space of peace at home. After that it was as easy as jamming them out!

How do you go about preparing for a set?

It all depends on the setting. If it’s for a recorded set, I’ll usually have a track that builds up slowly or has a more monotonous energy in the beginning. I kind of have a playlist in my head so ill jam it a couple of times and that would be that. Now if it’s at a party, I’ll try to follow what the previous deejay is playing. While listening to their last track, the track that I’ll play pops into my head. 

What are you working on now? What’s next?

At the present moment I’m working on a new project with my good friend Esteban de Haro who now lives in Germany. I’m opening up my music to a lighter side with him. So in the next months we would be looking into having a release together.

On the other side I just started getting into modular synthesizers, which is a new world for me. These new sound will be heard more and more often in my own personal music.

What was the last show you saw?
I saw Rhadoo play a deejay set at Stereo. This guy knows how to rock. He played a Romanian infused minimal techno set. He showed a perfect control of the turntables while playing solid tracks.

- Flandez


Efdemin – Technicolour (original mix) [Dial]
Concept 1 (Richie Hawtin) – 20:00 (original mix) [Concept 1]
Pellarin – Montpellier Dub (original mix) [International Sun-Earth Explorer]
Elysée – Take my hand (original mix) [SoulOn]
Vadim Svoboba – Pattern 34 (original mix) [DBLR]
Esoteric Workshop – Roche (original mix) [Sensual]
Ztrl – Walden (original mix) [Tape-Hiss]
Nima Gorji & Illington – Whispers (original mix) [Welt]
Akiko Kiyama & Laurine Frost– Newmud (original mix) [Tape-Hiss]
Butric – Balam (original mix) [Sei Es Drum]