Hey, I’m Cam. Origin.txt is a project, or moniker of mine that began in 2017 as an outlet for ambient, soundscape, and various layers of noise that I’ve been recording off and on for the last few years. I’m from Calgary where I began producing, mixing, DJ-ing as Crimson in 2009, and most importantly found my people, the weirdo’s, on my first little blue iMac. I had been blogging electro and making music for Myspace, where I first learned about Calgary music and the thriving west coast scene. An early intro to the city’s home for dance music - the Hifi Club and a journey to new worlds in underground UK dubstep/techno music via the eventual Modern Math crew - created a life long connection to sound. Sharing, creating, and feeling vibrational, visual, space/time altering connections has been a constant practice of mine ever since; using original textures as a way to express your voice, or your silence. 

I’ve wanted to make a fast mix for while, a blast off into space and take a night drive through the solar system mix. I played this on an Evolution UC33 in Ableton. At the same time I was learning to create samplers and methods based on old school jungle technique. I’ve always been very obsessed with the classic era jungle sound, mostly because I didn’t/don’t fully understand how it’s made - but it still makes a lot of sense to my brain, like a code. The roots in certain breaks and low end theories crossing over into dubstep, garage, and other experimental tunes were the foundation of the sound tree that keeps branching out. Some of my most memorable sound system experiences were during a friend and/or artist playing a track I didn’t know - Jungle often represents that connection to me. This mix is trying to share the feeling of those dance floors, letting it fleet and grow. The mix is old and new, 160+ bpm sound, slow lows, sword fighting and reminders.

What is your preferred DJ/ Production set-up?

I like to mix on all the platforms I have. Working on a mix in Ableton can often last a month, more of a project to chip away at or let it grow however it wants. Playing live using turntables/CDJ’s and a mix of records and rekordbox is more is more of a fun outlet to experiment new artists & label’s that I would want to share with people in more danceable, warmth and groove focus. The touching of turntables has helped connect body/mind in a practice sense - balancing the moving things subtly, bringing people with you, going with them etc.

What are you working on now? What’s next?

I’ll be releasing new things on Bandcamp in the near future, never planned. I’m spending more focused time in my small mountain studio and will always share a few bits around, here and there.

Soundcloud / Bandcamp



The Last Angel Of History - John Akomfrah (Voice Over)
Burial - Beachfires [Hyperdub]
Leafar Legov - Ather [Giegling]
Zomby - Florence [4AD - CAD 3119]
Lee Gamble - Ghost [Hyperdub]
Dust E 1 - Civilised Rhythm [Lobster Theremin]
Skee Mask - Soundboy Ext. [Ilian Tape]
Dead Man's Chest - Obeahman [Ingredients Records]
Koda - Crisis [Intalektive Records]
Sully & Outer Heaven - Dream Sequence [Rupture London]
LTJ Bukem - Music [Good Looking Records]
A Guy Called Gerald - Survival [Juice Box]
Burial - Prayer [Hyperdub]
Sully - Trust [Keysound Recordings]
Andrea - Write Off [Modern Love]
Coco Bryce - Pressure Flip [Fresh 86]
Forest Drive West - Turtle Break [Rupture London]
Photek - Rings Around Saturn [Science]
Grapes & Isle O' Man ft. The Wino Boys - Up The Dubs (It Can't Rain Forever) [Future Times]
origin.txt - pied [unreleased]