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My name is Selci. I am a producer/singer/DJ from Winnipeg and currently based in Calgary.

My intention for this mix was to come to a decision of what my sound is as a DJ. This is my first mix released online and I wanted to lay the groundwork for what’s to come. Producing came pretty natural to me but honestly, I have been terrified to start Djing. It has taken time to commit because I am a full time musician. Another challenge is the stark contrast in my music taste, from noise music to pop, to techno and hip hop. So I decided to imagine myself DJing a party and realized that house music is what makes me feel real- like I can fully let go, consumed with sound, and completely at peace. I figured I should listen to that intuition when deciding what tracks I want to take with me behind the turntables.

My only reservation is that I want to explore the fringes of this genre- fully immersing  with a non-purest approach so I can still play weird shit and bring unexpected textures into my mixes. It became a guideline to build off of which allowed me to find crevasses for other influences like electro(pop), r&b, hip-hop and jazz etc.

Who, or what, inspires you today?

Analog synthesizers and processing, ambient music, sound design, noise, house, experimental pop and contemporary r&b. Unconventional song forms, unconventional recording techniques, emotive and intelligent lyrics. In order to satisfy my desire to hear something out of the ordinary I find myself gravitating to more intense and experimental music lately. But there is something undeniable about good songwriting and beautiful lyrics being sung by an incredible singer. What I’m noticing is a lot of music is getting more experimental in general. Pop and r&b are more avant garde than ever and I am definitely on board with that.

Artists I love right now: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Black Moth Super Rainbow, clipping., Moses Sumney, Blood Orange, Laurel Halo,  Avalon Emerson, 6lack, H.E.R., Homeshake, Snoh Aelegra, Bibio, Mary Latmore, Monte Booker.

Who, or what, were your early passions and influences?

I started making music because I was obsessed with singing my whole life. I always used whatever was available to create music so I have found myself in a variety of performance mediums. I started performing in choirs and musicals and ended up with a university degree in classical music and opera. I sung folk music in bars and hitchhiked across the country twice with a guitar. I’ve performed experimental improvisation with a giant wind chime that I built out of driftwood, animal bones and rusty metal then ran through a sample based MAX patch.

My first ‘electronic’ (if you could call it that) set was an improvised looping set. It was lofi AF and definitely sounded like shit. In that first set up I ran my vocals through a two Boss guitar pedals, the reverb and the metal zone. All the layers were looped using preset sounds in a Yamaha electric keyboard from the 90’s. At the time this is what I had access to… it made sound so I used it. Turns out this shitty rig would lead me to where I am now performance and production wise.

What are you working on now? What’s next?    

I just finished recording my EP Effervescence and I couldn’t be more excited to get it out to the world. The album will drop on August 28. On May 27th Truth in the Sea comes out, it’s the first single from the album. It will be released with a coinciding music video in which I become a mermaid.

I have plans to start formal production of my first full length album at the end of this year. Much of the content is already written.

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Makaya McCraven (feat. Joel Ross) - Young Genius [International Anthem]
So Inagawa - Selfless State [Cabaret Recordings]
Harrison BDP -  Decompression [STRCTR Records]
George FitzGerald - Frieda [Double Six Records]
Sam Gellaitry - Waiting So Long [Inspected]
clipping. - The Deep [Sub Pop]
Dillon Nathaniel - Resonate (Warehouse Bass VIP Edit) [Confession]
Marie Davidson - Work It [Ninja Tune]
Wet - 11 Hours (Branches Remix) [Columbia]
Lee Scratch Perry - X Perry Ment [RIOR]
Mall Grab - Alone [Shall Not Fade]
Or:La - Limbosoup [Hotflush Recordings]
Peaches - Vaginoplasty (Maya Postepski Austra Remix) [U She Music]
Jesse Ware - Midnight (Peggy Gou’s After Midnight Mix) [Island Records]
B12 - Hall of Mirrors [B12 Records]
Claptone (feat Jaw) - No Eyes (Radio Edit) [Exploited]
Ben Klock - Subzero [Ostgut Ton]
Baba Stiltz - XXX200003 [Studio Barnhouse]
La Flex - In My Dreams With You [Media Blackout]
Bicep - Opal (Fourtet Remix) [Ninja tune]
Kadja Bonet - Delphine [OBE]