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My name is Jen, I go by she, her, I am from Vancouver, and I am affiliated of Proper Productions, our last event was Lucy at Open Studios :)

What was your intention for your Excursions mix? How did you go about selecting music?

I wanted to do an excursion! So some trippy deeper music that will take us on a weirdo journey :) I usually peruse youtube or mixes of others I admire and mix and match until I'm happy.

Who, or what, were your early passions and influences?

I used to produce music, mostly idm back in the mid 2000s.  I think that influences me in timing mixes and definitely I lean towards more interesting sounds, not just fuzzy boom boom boom.

Who do you look up to in your local scene? Who pushes you?

In my local scene I admire Overland, who doing great things- putting on tons of events AND producing music, their new release is so good! I also admire Josh Garrett who I am working with on Proper, that person is a machine. Really though, this city is so full of cool talent, just go to any Groundwerk event and you can hear for yourself! 

What are you working on now? What’s next?

I am working on producing again hopefully, I moved last summer so finally getting my studio all set up now, it took awhile!

How do you go about preparing for a set?

When I am prepping for a set it's really dependent on the show and my mood. Sometimes I panic and prep hardcore, sometimes I just throw a bunch of music onto a usb and wing it. Sometimes I have plans and throw them all out the window! It really is about the crowd response so I find it hard to plan too meticulously. :)

- Nancy Dru

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