We’ve collaborated with our friends at Modeste Gathering for a three part mix series leading up to this year’s event, featuring artists included on this year’s lineup. For our first mix in the series, we welcome back Mother Mary.

About Modeste:

Modeste Gathering is a congregation point for Alberta’s music & arts community, bringing together a wealth of talented Alberta artists for over two days of music.

More than the music, we look to create a safe and meaningful space to connect, and develop community. Our focus is to create an event that encapsulates humility and a humble appreciation for the area, including its rich history both Indigenous, European, or otherwise, and the natural environment that encompasses it.

Modeste Gathering runs August 23-24. For more details on the event, please message us directly.

upsammy - Wild Chamber [Nous'klaer Audio]
VC-118A - Permutation [Frustrated Funk]
Cosmin TRG - Oblic (Minor Science's Non-Newtonian Fluid Mix) [Fizic]
Lou Karsh - Surface [LKR]
Mor Elian - Sci Si [!K7]
Boy Harsher - Fate [Nude Club]
Reptant - Liquid Acrobatics [Planet Euphorique] 
A2Z - Apache Breakdown [Klub Kuts]
Robotman - Simple Simon [Plus 8]
Stefan Ringer - Wanna Be Bad [FWM Entertainment]
DINA - Sea Trial [Molten Moods]
Rudolf C - Second Hand Love [X-Kalay]
Rudolf C - Natural Cycle [X-Kalay]
Octo Octa - Dresses [Running Back]
Max D - Lullabiological [1432 R]