For part two of our Modeste Mix Series we welcome small crimes, a duo comprised of Adrian De Vries and Evan Yu from Edmonton, Alberta.

About Modeste:

Modeste Gathering is a congregation point for Alberta’s music & arts community, bringing together a wealth of talented Alberta artists for over two days of music.

More than the music, we look to create a safe and meaningful space to connect, and develop community. Our focus is to create an event that encapsulates humility and a humble appreciation for the area, including its rich history both Indigenous, European, or otherwise, and the natural environment that encompasses it.

Modeste Gathering runs August 23-24 and this year’s lineup has been announced. For more details on the event, please message us directly.


Soul Clap - Lonely C feat. Charlie Levine [K7 Records]
Jesper Ryom - Clock [Freude Am Tanzen Recordings]
Haidak - Robot Loves Analog [Audiophile Deep]
Ricky Razu - Without U [Housem Records]
Porches - Find Me (Baba Stiltz @ Samo DJ Remix) [Domino]
Hugo Massien - Where Your Body Begins [E-Beamz}
Stripper Consciousness Proliferation (Back 2 93) [SLEEVE]
Scott Franka - Sorry [Quartet Series]
XY0815 - Tool Matter [brokntoys]
Maya Janes Coles - Go On and Make It Through (I/AM/ME (BMG))
Reyam - Against All Odds [Bla Bla]
Will Easton - Bound [Stress Records]
Unknown - We Can Go Dancing [Unknown]