Our third and final mix for the Modeste Series comes from Jowen. A well known figure in Edmonton’s music scene for nearly a decade, Jowen shares his love for house, techno and alternative sounds through DJ-ing, Window Kids parties, as well as his latest endeavour as co-founder of Modeste Festival. The festival runs this upcoming weekend; for more details, please message us directly.

About Modeste:

Modeste Gathering is a congregation point for Alberta’s music & arts community, bringing together a wealth of talented Alberta artists for over two days of music.

More than the music, we look to create a safe and meaningful space to connect, and develop community. Our focus is to create an event that encapsulates humility and a humble appreciation for the area, including its rich history both Indigenous, European, or otherwise, and the natural environment that encompasses it.


Liam Geddes – Song For New [Music is Love]
Javier Carballo - Atrapado [Totoyov]
Sapurra - Somnambulant [Plant 74]
Austin Ato – Morning [Phonica White]
DJ Boring – 6am Mimosa [Let’s Play House]
James Hadfield, Danny Linton - Soak feat. Danny Linton (Man Power remix) [Me Me Me]
DomSamba, Zweimannzelt - Down The Drain (Stevn.Aint.Leavn Remix) [Raw Underground Records]
Mike Grant - The Struggle of My People (Mr. G's There's Hope Mix) [Moods & Grooves Records]
Samu.l – Deep End [Suruba X]
Austin Ato – Song For Mr. Lewis [Phonica White]
John Billick - Weehawken Street [Achterdeck]
Jamie Trench – Autumn [Music is Love]
Lake People – Tomorrows Happiness [Mule Musiq]