Ahead of VHS' opening night, we're featuring a new mix from Calgary's Anput and Freele. VHS takes place this Saturday, October 5 at the Junction Underground in collaboration with VOGUEYYC. For more information about the event, message us directly.

About VHS:

A new night, a new energy, and a new dynamic is set to occur, honouring the roots of vogue culture with seminal house selections. Welcome to VHS.

Culminating from the minds of Calgary selectors Freele, Anput & Mr. Beltline and born out of a desire for a fresh, new and exciting night in the city, VHS is a love letter to the glory days of ballroom, acid house, and the no-holds-barred classics that permeated the Chicago and Detroit club scenes of yesteryear.

Pairing thirst-quenching sounds with the innovative and no less than fierce movements of VOGUEYYC dance members, VHS promises to deliver on all fronts. Join us for our inaugural soirée: Saturday October 5th in the freshly renovated Junction Underground.

Here, Freele and Anput deliver a slamming mix in its anticipation.

VHS: Come as you are, dance as you are.